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Cryo Storage Boxes Argos PolarSafe storage boxes are constructed of translucent polypropylene and can accommodate 100 tubes of 0.5, 1.5 or 2.0ml Microtubes as well as most brands of cryogenic vials. Agros brand boxes are slightly taller than most standard freezer boxes and can store tubes up to 5.3cm height. Boxes can withstand temperatures from -100°C and will not degrade after repeated thaws like traditional cardboard boxes. The reinforcement seal, triple hinges and locking clasp keeps samples secure while the box is closed. Each box features an alpha-numeric grid on the exterior and interior, stacking rings and a matte surface suitable for printings and labeling. Available with natural or fluorescent colored lids with natural bottoms for easy visual inspection. Dimensions: 140 x140 x 60 mm 100 PLACE LIGHT SENSITIVE CRYO BOX Ideal for light-sensitive specimens, this all black storage is suitable for photo sensitive samples. Also see our rang of black tubes ! 0.5, 1.5, 5, 15 and 50ml LITESAFE TM tubes Freezer Racks Stock Item / Swiss warehouse AG.R3125 100 Place Freezer Rack, Natural 5/Pk, 10 Pack/case, total 50Stk. 100 Place Freezer Rack, Blue 5/Pk, 10 Pack/case, total 50Stk 100 Place Freezer Rack, Green 5/Pk, 10 Pack/case, total 50Stk AG.R3128 100 Place Freezer Rack, Purple 5/Pk, 10 Pack/case, total 50Stk AG.R3129 100 Place Freezer Rack, Orange 5/Pk, 10 Pack/case, total 50Stk 100 Place Freezer Rack, Assorted Colors 5/Pk, 10 Pack/case, total AG.R3130 50Stk 100 Place Freezer Rack, LiteSafe_Black, 5/Pk, 10 Pack/case, total AG.R3121 50Stk 9.5.2013 - HP001_small units and consumables All prices in CHF, without TVA (MwSt). Prices are subject of alteration

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