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DosiPump DP500i Most simple use: Fill sample, save, repeat! • Choose pump direction and speed • Choose between different tubing sizes • Dosing: with every click on the buttom (or optional with foot pedal) DP500 Pump repeats the set volume. • No calibration needed Variabel Several DP500i can be connected in series via USB cable (max. 8 Pumps). The dosing is done simultaneously by individual pump rates (speed). The narrow housing allows the close set-up and connection of several DP500i units. The DP500 can be connected and monitored by a balance (EK3000 balance of AND). It is also ideal for applications like filtration of cell culture media by membrane- or hollow fiber-filters. The pump stops the flow only when the set amount of liquid is reached, independently of increasing counter pressure of the filtration. DP500 / DP500i Stock Item / Swiss warehouse DosiPump DP 500i, with USB connection Foot pedal with cable for DP500, blue_ Sales Office: Biotool AG. Industrie Neuhof 9. 3422 Kirchbera. Switze _ - - — _ l " ^ I ' " 3 19 9nin - RTin Flygr DP^mi F I igt Prir<=> C.HF HnC_ www hjotoolswjss.com info@biotoolswiss.com

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