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Argos Technologies . 0 liquid handling A Complete Set of Tools for Aspiration HandE-Vac Handheld Aspirator Rapidly remove supernatant from a variety of cell culture or multi-well plates and dishes! This ergonomic, hand-held aspirator can be used with pasteur pipettes, plastic aspiration pipettes or a variety of adapters for specific applications. A pressure-sensitive button on the top of the unit controls the specific amount of vacuum applied. This prevents the accidental aspiration of cells or supernatant associated with normal vacuum techniques. Use with standard in-house vacuum source or with the M-Vac or E-Vac aspiration systems. Autoclavable unit is supplied with a single-channel adapter for disposable pipette tips. Manufacturing So lut ions for Science

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(A) HandE-Vac hand operator with single channel adapter HandE-Vac hand operator set (includes EV526, EV501, EV520, EV503) (B) HandE-Vac Safety Stand (C) Single channel plastic adapter with ejector for disposable tips (D) 8-Channel plastic adapter with ejector for disposable tips (E) 8-Channel stainless steel adapter (F) Rubber adapter for Pasteur pipettes HandE-Vac is also available for use with E-Vac and M-Vac self-contained waste aspiration systems! E-Vac • Safe, self-contained waste system provides an alternative to traditional in-house vacuum • Ideal for use with critical or dangerous...

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