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Anaerobic Gas-System Quick and convenient solution Create atmospheres suitable for the culturing of anaerobic, microaerophilic and capnophilic bacteria in common anaerobic jars Extremely rapid oxygen depletion Develop anaerobic atmospheric conditions inside the jar in less than 1 minute Flexibility Chose the level of oxygen depletion (microaerophilic atmosphere) Significant cost savings Reduce capital and operating costs Multipit simultaneous atmospheres Within multiple jars

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Principle Specification motor When performing quality control for food, drink, cosmetic or hygiene products, samples are tested for the presence of anaerobic bacteria, the cause of many infectious diseases and food poisoning. Such sample are incubated in containers under anaerobic atmospheric conditions. Specific, expensive compounds are normally required to replace the oxygencontaining air with dry nitrogen. The new PetriSphere™ system consists of a microprocessor-based controller, a diaphragm vacuum pump and a gas reservoir connection which enables the air to be replaced by nitrogen...

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