ProfiClave PC10B/20B Series


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ProfiClave PC10B/20B Series - 1

PRODUCT OVERVIEW | BIOTOOL SWISS | 1 PROFICLAVE ProfiClave PC10B/20B Series 3 Modes: liquid media sterilizer, autoclave and water bath • 0.5 up to 9/16 liters of agar, in approx 60 - 90 min • Stirred and temperature controlled, double cycle • Fast cooling (20 min) • Water saving • Easy vessel access, easy handling • Intuitive software on touch screen • Stores up to 3 * 20 user-defined programs • Data logging printer including SD card

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ProfiClave PC10B/20B Series - 2

PRODUCT OVERVIEW | BIOTOOL SWISS | 2 The ProfiClaves PC10/20 are a fully automated bench top Agar/Media Sterilizers for fastest processing of up to 9/16 l of ready to dispense Agar- / Nutrient-Medium. Intuitive software accessible via a touch screen gives access to 20 programs, each selectable for single or double heating cycles, autoclave- or water bathmode. The time-delay and temperature timer functions enable agar pouring to commence at start of work and coupled with fast cool down, provides increased productivity and convenience. The front panel incorporates all user control functions,...

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ProfiClave PC10B/20B Series - 3

ProfiClave series: PRODUCT OVERVIEW | BIOTOOL SWISS | 3 Voltages WARNING: The protective earth (PE) is required for all countries worldwide! NOTE: The power supply voltage tolerance is +/- 10 % Installation data Connection Connections voltage (VAC) Item number Tube connections Maximum cooling water pressure Europe, Africa and Australia Water quality (for the water bath) Distilled or deionised water Cooling water quality Water hardness: <12 German hardness or <20 French hardness Cooling water temperature

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ProfiClave PC10B/20B Series - 4

PROFICLAVE Items Performance 9 liter ProfiClave PC10B Media preparator ProfiClave PC20B Media preparator Different voltages available for USA/JP Autoclaving Basket for PC10B/20B End user seal-Kit for PC10B/PC20B Front filter 0.45um for PC Long Life Paper Rolls Silicon lid seal Trolley stainless steel Technical data Max. produce volume: Water connections: Waterbath capacity: Resolution of displayed dispensing temperature: Displayed sterilisation time: Digital display in 1-second increments Displayed sterilization/cooling temperature: Digital display with 0.1°C resolution Quality of the...

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