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Cardiac Rhythm Management // Patient Brochure // BioMonitor Capture the precise moment BioMonitor Patient information BIOTRONIK SE & Co. KG As one of the world’s leading cardiovascular medical device companies, with several million devices implanted, BIOTRONIK is represented in over 100 countries by its global workforce of more than 5600 employees. Quality, innovation and reliability define BIOTRONIK and its growing success – and deliver confidence and peace of mind to physicians and their patients worldwide. 0123 0681 © BIOTRONIK SE & Co. KG All rights reserved. Specifications are subject to modification, revision and improvement. BIOTRONIK SE & Co. KG Woermannkehre 1 12359 Berlin · Germany Tel +49 (0) 30 68905-0 Fax +49 (0) 30 6852804

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Capture the precise moment You are about to receive, or have received, a BioMonitor – an implantable cardiac monitor. This small device will continuously monitor your heart rhythms and record them automatically. Your physician can use this valuable information to determine whether the cause of your symptoms may be related to an abnormal heart rhythm. This brochure will help you understand the device and answer some of the questions you may have. Patient magnet Implantable cardiac monitor For patient-activated event recordings BIOTRONIK Home Monitoring® Continuous and remote patient monitoring

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Highest precision BioMonitor is an implantable cardiac monitor – a small, pacemaker-shaped device that continuously collects information about your heart rhythm and automatically makes an electrocardiogram (ECG) recording when an arrhythmia occurs. This valuable information, which cannot be collected by standard short-term Holter equipment, provides your physician with all relevant information needed to optimize your treatment. There are several irregular heart rhythm (arrhythmia) conditions for which an implantable cardiac monitor offers your physician the most accurate cardiac information...

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Easy implantation Reliable sensing How does BioMonitor work? The BioMonitor is implanted just under the skin in your upper left chest area. The implantation procedure is performed under a local anesthetic and is similar to a pacemaker implantation. You are awake during the entire procedure, which takes about 30 minutes. The resulting scar is less than 1 ¼ inches (3 cm) long and is located between your collarbone and chest. BioMonitor measures your heart signals in a way that is similar to how a conventional ECG recording is made  –  using a Holter monitor with several electrodes attached to...

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Daily life What is the patient magnet and how do I use it? Will there be any restrictions in my daily life once my BioMonitor is implanted? Although BioMonitor can record episodes of arrhythmia automatically, you can also initiate an ECG recording using the patient magnet when you are experiencing specific symptoms like dizziness, fainting or palpitations. To initiate a recording, place the patient magnet over your implanted BioMonitor and hold it there for one to two seconds. BioMonitor will automatically store the ECG recordings from the last seven minutes before the magnet was positioned...

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BioMonitor - 6

Daily life Secure traveling Are there any other restrictions about which I need to know? Can I pass the security checks at the airport or antitheft devices in department stores with my BioMonitor? Avoid situations or equipment that generate strong mechanical forces or electromagnetic interference. They may induce such a high level of energy into the device that the data recording may be influenced or the device may be damaged. Here are some simple guidelines   o not carry your cellular phone close to your BioMonitor, D such as in a shirt pocket.  Regarding the use of the following devices...

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BioMonitor - 7

Continuous monitoring – anytime anywhere What is BIOTRONIK Home Monitoring® ? How does BIOTRONIK Home Monitoring® work? BIOTRONIK Home Monitoring® is a system that allows your implanted BIOTRONIK cardiac device to automatically communicate directly with your physician. Your implanted cardiac device contains a built-in antenna that periodically dispatches reports on your heart and the device (1). The CardioMessenger (2) picks up these signals and forwards them to a service center via the GSM cellular network (3). This service center processes the information and posts it on a secure website...

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Continuous monitoring – anytime anywhere How do I set up the CardioMessenger? Where should I put the CardioMessenger? You will receive your ready-to-operate CardioMessenger device from your physician. Your physician or nurse will show you how to use the CardioMessenger and verify that it is working properly before you leave the clinic. Most physicians suggest that patients keep the CardioMessenger device near the bed, usually on a nightstand or headboard. For your CardioMessenger to be able to receive signals from your implantable device, your CardioMessenger must be placed no less than 8...

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