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Vascular Intervention Coronary Guide Wires Galeo / Galeo Hydro Galeo / Galeo Hydro Guide Wires The Extension of your Fingertips

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Not just a Wire… The secret of Galeo’s unique «fingertip feeling» is the combination of BIOTRONIK’s revolutionary CTP*, the one-piece-construction of the full length core wire and the advanced coatings. Pushability, Flexibility, Crossability High pushability, flexibility and 1:1 torque response provide atraumatic reaching and lesion crossing. Tip Variety Five different tip configurations offer a full range of guide wires for every challenge in interventional cardiology. Controlled Transmission Platform

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… it’s the Extension of your Fingertips Visibility The distal 3 cm radiopaque platinum coil section enables high visibility and atraumatic tip control. Trackability The advanced coatings and the smooth core-to-coil transition provide enhanced trackability. The uniquely formulated hydrophilic coating on the Galeo Hydro maximizes your «finger-tip control» and guarantees a total performance control and water-like crossing.

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Get yourself... CTP The direct connection between the core wire and the coil formed by the Controlled Transmission Platform offers unique steerability and atraumatic handling characteristics. Galeo EW The Galeo EW extension wire provides a fast and reliable method for extending any 175 cm Galeo guide wire to 325 cm exchange length. The extension wire is also detachable to revert to the original 175 cm guide wire length. The Galeo EW is compatible with all 0.014’’ BIOTRONIK guide wires. Tapered core Hypotube provides perfect fit Smooth transition, reliable connection Consistent pull-apart...

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...more Options Tip Flexibilities High Flexible (HF) For tortuous coronary vessels where steerability and flexibility are required. Flexible (F) Frontline wire for most typical lesions. Medium (M) For moderately tortuous coronary vessels and tighter lesions. Stiff (S) For tighter and more challenging lesions, where increased crossability is required. High Stiff (HS) For very resistant and hard-to-cross lesions. Looking for Added Support? Choose Galeo ES Along with all the unique features of Galeo’s revolutionary design – CTP, full length core wire and advanced coatings – Galeo ES also...

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With their advanced hydrophobic or hydrophilic* coating the Galeo Guide Wires provide smoother tracking and improved crossing performance. 11 mm flat corewire for easy shapeability with high memory 3 cm radiopaque coil Radiopaque distal tip offers optimal X-ray visibility for safe navigation within vessel hydrophilic* coating stainless steel coil section for smooth trackability One-piece corewire design provides enhanced pushability, trackability and support PTFE coating for optimal catheter compatibility * BIOTRONIK Hydro guide wires have a hydrophilic coated distal coil section

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Product Specifications Galeo / Galeo Hydro Coronary Guide Wires Diameter Core wire material Stainless steel Proximal coil Distal coil 3 cm, gold-plated platinum, radiopaque Proximal (shaft) coating Distal coatings PTFE Galeo, Galeo ES Galeo Hydro, Galeo Hydro ES High Flexible, Flexible, Medium, Stiff, High Stiff Range of support levels Standard and ES (Extra Support) Product Ordering Information Available in multiple tip flexibilities and support levels. Individual label color code for each tip flexibility and support level combination. Catalogue Number Guide Wire Type Label Color Code...

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Galeo / Galeo Hydro The Extension of your Fingertips The one piece stainless steel core wire design with CTP provides you optimal steerability and the unique Galeo «fingertip feeling». Five different tip stiffness levels in combination with two different distal coating configurations let you find your preferred option for every challenge in interventional cardiology. BIOTRONIK AG Ackerstrasse 6 8180 Bülach · Switzerland Tel +41 (0) 44 8645111 Fax +41 (0) 44 8645005 © BIOTRONIK AG® All rights reserved. Specifications are subject to modification,...

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