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Vascular Intervention Peripheral Therapy Lower Limb Lower Limb

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Solutions: 4F Minimal is optimal

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Lower Limb As a company, BIOTRONIK recognizes the importance of collaboration with Interventionalists in developing new devices. There is a continued movement away from invasive surgical techniques to the less invasive endovascular solutions. From guide wires to introducers and balloons to stents, BIOTRONIK is the only company able to offer a complete 4F Solutions portfolio of products for lower limb intervention on both 0.018" and 0.014" platforms.

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PRO-Kinetic - 4

Stents... In harmony with the vessel PROBIO coating reduces platelet It also offers an effective and aggregation and promotes faster reliable barrier to nickel and other endothelialization that would otherwise heavy metal ion release2 which may otherwise cause restenosis. PRO-Kinetic Energy Explorer Astron Pulsar ·· Lower restenosis rates ·· Optimal visibility ·· Exceptional deliverability ·· Flexibility by design ·· Controlled release ·· Enhanced radiopacity Lower restenosis rate Thinner struts are proven to have the lowest restenosis rate.3 PRO-Kinetic Energy Explorer, made from CoCr...

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PRO-Kinetic - 5

...a solution for all lesions Solutions: Minimal is optimal All stents are 4F introducer sheath compatible, supporting minimally invasive intervention. SE nitinol stent 0.018"/OTW ·· Release handle ·· Longer stent lengths ·· Optimized radial force Bending stiffness unconstrained [Nmm2] Release handle Allows one handed smoother, controlled, accurate stent placement. This aims to avoid stretched or compressed stent implantation. Greater flexibility Longer stent lengths For treating lesions up to 190 mm in both SFA and BTK without overlapping. Optimized radial force Incremental increase of...

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PRO-Kinetic - 6

Balloons... Rising to the challenge Increasingly complex lesions require balloon catheters that deliver superb lesion crossing, the power to cope with chronic disease and consistent, reliable handling characteristics. Balloon catheter 0.014"/OTW ·· Dedicated infrapopliteal design ·· High pushability and flexibility ·· Fast deflation times Dedicated infrapopliteal design Super flexible, variable distal shaft length matched with specific diameters for deep infrapopliteal lesions. High pushability and flexibility Hydrophilic patchwork coating on balloon coupled with stiffened proximal shaft...

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PRO-Kinetic - 7

...a solution on all platforms Solutions: Minimal is optimal As devices and physicians skills advance, so do the boundaries of treatment. Many BIOTRONIK PTA balloons are 4F introducer compatible, offering benefits in puncture site management, exceptional durability and impressive deliverability, even in tight, tortuous anatomy. ·· High pushability ·· Extensive portfolio ·· 4F compatible ·· Lowest profile ·· Wide range ·· Power with control High pushability The coaxial shaft design with hydrophobic coating offers a high degree of kink resistance and low friction. Lowest profile New balloon...

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PRO-Kinetic - 8

Introducer sheath… Increasing the benefits Patients and physicians are constantly expecting technological improvements. Minimally invasive intervention is the driving force behind BIOTRONIK products. 4F straight sheath and crossover sheath ·· Smooth transition ·· Coil-reinforced ·· Complete range ·· Choice of dilators ·· Peri-procedural visualization ·· Pre-curved sheath and dilator Smooth transition An atraumatic design facilitating easier insertion. Choice of dilators Each sheath will be supplied with a straight and a precurved dilator. Coil-reinforced Offers excellent kink resistance and...

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PRO-Kinetic - 9

…a solution for premium access Solutions: Minimal is optimal Reinforced 4F sheath combined with strong, thin-wall design provides easier insertion and eliminates the need for vascular closure devices. ·· Low profile ·· PTFE inner lumen ·· Radiopaque marker Low profile Using new and innovative design techniques, Fortress has a similiar ID and OD to other commercially available non-reinforced sheaths. PTFE inner lumen Lowers friction thus enabling devices to pass through more easily. Radiopaque marker Platinum alloy marker band for superb tip radiopacity under fluoroscopy. Boston Scientific...

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PRO-Kinetic - 10

Guide wires... Leading the way A strong guide wire portfolio able to tackle a wide variety of stenotic and tortuous lesions provided on 0.014" and 0.018" platforms is essential for treatment of complex arterial disease in today's world. ·· Hydrophilic coated polymer wire ·· Outstanding trackability ·· Optimal support ·· Hybrid core design Hydrophilic coated polymer wire The hydrophilic coated polymer sleeve guide wire is designed to ensure easy lesion crossing through tortuous and tight distal limb vessel anatomy. The AFT single-piece core stainless steel wire design guarantees advanced...

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PRO-Kinetic - 11

…a solution for easy lesion crossing Solutions: Minimal is optimal Optimal performance of minimally invasive devices is only possible with dedicated guidewires. Our guide wire portfolio ensures full support and control when used in association with other BIOTRONIK 4F devices. 0.018"/Stainless steel ·· Single-piece core with distal coil ·· Best steerability ·· Excellent radiopacity Single-piece core with distal coil Stainless steel single-piece core design offers excellent support and torque characteristics. An easily shapable guide wire providing great flexibility to tackle tortuous vessels...

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PRO-Kinetic - 12

4F Solutions Easy 4Access 4 Easy 4 Crossing 4 Lesion Easy Easy Passeo-18 Improving Improving Astron Pulsar Pulsar-18 the the Inflow Inflow Passeo-14 Treating Passeo-18 Treating Astron Pulsar the the Pulsar-18 PRO-Kinetic Energy Explorer Outflow Outflow BIOTRONIK AG Ackerstrasse 6 8180 Bülach · Switzerland Tel +41 (0) 44 8645111 Fax +41 (0) 44 8645005 © BIOTRONIK AG All rights reserved. Specifications are subject to modification, revision and improvement.

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