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BW-1000Urine Sediment Analyzer Simple operation and convenient maintenance , BW-1000 is the best choice for laboratories and clinics. [Test Principle] Using machine vision technology: automatic identify, classify and count the formed elements in urine with microscope automatic morphological methods. [Test Items] Normal RBC, Standing RBC, Dysmorphic RBC, Normal WBC ,wbcc, Pus cell,Hyaline Cast,Granular Cast, WBC Cast,Squamous Epithelial cell ,Normal Epithelial Cell ,Sperm ,Calcium Crystal ,Oxalate Crystal Bacteria ,Yeast,Amorphous Urates,Mucus etc. [Test Speed] 30 samples/hour [Sample Volume] Minimum urine volume 2ml, minimum injection volume 0.5ml [Sample Process] The sample can be directly tested without centrifugation. [Flow Cell] High accuracy, single channel flow cell(test channel) [Sampling Method] Automatic trail suction, 10 samples on the machine at the same time. [Accuracy] » 95% [Repeatability Test] CV<10% [Contamination Rate] < 0.05% [Report Form] xxunit/ul, HPF&LPFetc. international universal quantitative unit, comprehensive graphic report of dry chemical analysis and urine formed elements quantitative analysis [Measurement] 520mmx440mmx550mm (LxWxH) [Net Weight] 35kg [Data Interface] Two-way communication interface, can be connected with dry chemistry analyzer, printer and hospital management system [Power Supply] AC 220V± 10%, 50Hz [Standard Configuration] Computer, including screen, mouse, keyboard [Specification] • Automatic trail suction, 10 samples on machine at the same time, easily operate. • Auto focus. Adjust focal length of microscope automatically to make sure a clear and complete sample picture. • Sample can be used directly without centrifugation and pre-handled, all of the sample injection, mixing, sampling and sedimentation are automatic. • Identify the test sediments and count quantities of the pictures automatically • High accuracy flow cell to insure a stable & precise sample-suction and normalize the test result. • High accuracy suction-sample needle, choicely pipelines and valves to insure the high stability of the pipeline; high-efficiency auto clearance function to insure clear the inside & outside of the needle efficiently, which will avoid across contamination. The machine owns self-learning function. The more time it is be used, the higher identify rate it becomes. The machine can be connected with dry chemistry analyzer and provide a comprehensive report contains urine dry chemistry and urine sediment test • BW-1000 Auto injection Auto focus Auto snap recognition. All the characters base on AIT. Perfect size. Small appearance. Precise result. Impossible made possible. Bioway Biological Technology Co.,Ltd Emai I: sales@ bioway.com.cn Tel: +86 516 87989109

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