Urine Sediment Analyzer BW-3000


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BW-3000Full Automatic Urine Sediment Analyzer Test Parameters 3D automatically located,tracked , scanned, identified and classified. Without centrifugation Working Principle By using flow counting technology,medical image scanning technology and intelligent vision recognition technology, urine sediment will be 3D automatically located, tracked, scanned, identified and classified. Sampling System The sample waiting area can accommodate 60 specimens at a time. The specimen is scanned and positioned automatically, without manual guarding and without centrifugation. Flushing System The use of high-precision, PTFE-coated suction needles makes the instrument pipeline cleaning more thoroughly, and eliminates cross-contamination as much as possible. [The highest 4-channel design in the industry] 4-channel injection design, channel settling, cleaning and other detection functions fully guarantees the speed and efficiency of specimen detection. [Auto focus function ] Automatic focus correction of the microscope ensures clear and complete sample shooting,which reduces maintenance costs. [Self-learning and training function] The target of misidentification of the instrument can be modified by the operator. After training, the memory can be stored and automatically modeled. Bioway Biological Technology Co.,Ltd Email;sales@bio way. com.cn Tel: +86 516 87989109

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