Urine Test Strips


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Urine Strips Model (portion of models) kntrarOoo Hdiiufi Kd of Q» iru &t|) niqMit) nmilriN ■>■ >» urn* unpb dul» ■>! « iAm l-lKfflal' l**W* MT^p« <h» Vnt *»nj>'»i 0>> «■>* o*> c« ml «n|>« 0> *Sw*wlpy wwwf <«nyi tnt Axotogikmlonta Replace cap promptly and tightly a h 1=3 e9 s BM«»y BNdof«ral TwfcMbn Co .Ud Iri-toMMWim iWd Vantaa rtfe -MAfwAm read No5 VBtu ttai Reagent strips lor urinalysis r« Vnal Uaufyui Li%# CBly

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