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Digitize your dentistry with us The Digital Journey Starts Now

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Together With BLZ TECH Enter the Digital Dentistry BLZ Dental Scanner INO100 can provide dentists and patients with Intraoral 3D model. INO100 is easy to operate and can quickly obtain reliable and accurate 3D structures. Digitization of dental workflow can save time and material costs, significantly improve patients experience and facilitate doctor-patient communication. More Comfortable And More Efficient No more goop, gagging or discomfort, the digital 3D intraoral scanner could take patient experience to the next level. Using the Intraoral scanner, dentists can take a highly accurate...

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Intraoral Scanner INO100 intraoral scanner developed by BLZ TECH with high performance is suitable for restoration, implant, and orthodontics . Anti-fog Heating Vivid Color High Accuracy & Impressive Speed Intelligent Match Grow business by Chairside production In-house Production Solution Integration Intraoral Scanner with milling machine or 3D printer can achieve complete digital process chain. Milling Machine

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TEL +86-27-6552 0255 WEB Email: ADD: Room 2166, 2176 Building E, Cyberport Dongxing Road, East Lake New Technology Development Zone, 430074, Wuhan, China

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