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CLARIOstar® Plus High performance Microplate Enhanced Dynamic Range Reader with

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Monochromator. Perfected. The new addition to your lab Equipped with our patented LVF MonochromatorsTM, The new CLARIOstar Plus is a high-performance it combines at no compromise the sensitivity of filters with microplate reader that fits the current and future needs of your laboratory, whether in academia, a core facility, The following detection technologies guarantee the best This multi-mode reader builds upon the success of the CLARIOstar and introduces new features including the LVF Monochromators for the best flexibility and Enhanced Dynamic Range technology that will help sensitivity...

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CLARIOstar® Plus - 3

Simplify your assay setup New technology on the CLARIOstar Plus makes detection optimization simpler than it has ever been. Thanks to the Enhanced Dynamic Range (EDR) technology and rapid, full-plate autofocus, every sample on your plate is automatically measured with the ideal settings without any action prior to the start of measurement. New users will be able to easily get started, while experienced users will get better data, more quickly. Simplified schematic of the LVF Monochromator technology. 7 6 Several features of the CLARIOstar Plus and the patented LVF Monochromator ensure...

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CLARIOstar® Plus - 4

highly divergent samples at different gain settings. It also allows to compare data acquired with the same assay kit or selectable6h resolutions in less than 1 second per well. 8h 1.5 protocol but at different times to each other. 12h Alternatively, up to eight discrete wavelengths can be 1.0 16h 0.5 captured in a single measurement at the same speed. Focus on your samples 3.5 Identifying the well height at which the sample signal is beneficial. The CLARIOstar Plus incorporates a rapid, fullplate auto-focus, giving excellent sensitivity for both top and bottom reading in all plate formats...

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CLARIOstar® Plus - 5

Gas regulation and incubation provide the ideal environmental conditions for living cells. The Atmospheric Control Unit (ACU) is able to independently regulate the concentration of O2 and CO2 into the reader, while the incubators provide the High frequency sampling acquires with ease extremely fast changing signals and kinetics like calcium flux or fast biological reactions. Thanks to a sampling rate of 100 measurements/second or 1 data point every 0.01 second, no data point will be lost. Gas ramps are used in hypoxic and ischemia/reperfusion assays, as well as for metabolic and redox...

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CLARIOstar® Plus - 6

FRET Cy3/Cy5 1 FRET Cy3/Cy5 2 Fura-2 (Ca free) Fura-2 (Ca saturated) JGFP Hoechst 33258 mCherry Pacific Blue Pacific Orange Control and MARS data analysis software BMG LABTECH's Control Software runs the microplate reader, while data are analysed with the MARS data analysis software. Both softwares are fully compliant with FDA regulation 21 CFR Part 11 and can be used on multiple PC systems at no extra cost. The Control Software allows users to easily define instrument parameters and protocols. To simplify and improve assay setup, a library of spectra for the most common fluorophores and...

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CLARIOstar® Plus - 7

DNA/RNA quantifications AlphaPlex™ technology Ca2+ assays HTRF Ratio Protease activity FRET assays Binding studies CD 64 variant of Cisbio’s CD 16a HTRF cellular assay. We continuously work with all of the leading reagent companies to optimize settings for their assays. Application notes Application focus Peer-reviewed papers Our comprehensive searchable applications database reflects more than 25 years of expertise and innovations. Over 4,000 published entries of peer-reviewed articles, and application notes demonstrate the flexibility and versatility of our readers, and their use in...

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CLARIOstar® Plus - 8

CLARIOstar Plus - Technical specifications The CLARIOstar Plus can include all or any combination of features listed below at purchase. Upgrading with additional features is possible at any time. Please contact your local representative for more details or a quote. Detection modes BMG LABTECH's LVF Monochromator includes technology covered under US Patent 6,700,690, for which BMG LABTECH has an exclusive license for the microplate reader market. Limit of detection [sensitivity] was calculated according to the IUPAC standard: 3x[SDblank] / slope Specifications are subject to change without...

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