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LVis Plate Measure low-volume samples with ease! BMG LABTECH‘s proprietary LVis Plate is a low-volume microplate that incorporates a cuvette slot and optional performance testing features. The LVis Plate is ideal for quick and easy low-volume absorbance measurements of DNA, RNA, protein samples, or spectral scanning. The LVis Plate has the following outstanding features: · Sixteen microdrop well sites for 2 µL samples · A horizontal position for a standard cuvette · Four NIST-traceable optical density filters for quality control assessment · A holmium oxide filter to assess wavelength accu

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LVis Plate - 2

Easy pipetting of up to sixteen 2 pL samples using the integrated multichannel pipette tip support. rThe microdrop well sites are easily accessible. Left- and right-handed tip supports for 8 channel pipettes make pipetting multiple samples simple and easy. The quick-clean surface easily wipes clean to prepare for further measurements. The LVis Plate is compatible with all UV/Vis absorbance spectrometer-based BMG LABTECH microplate readers. Made in Germany © 2016 All rights reserved. All logos and trademarks are the property of BMG LABTECH.

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