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Microplate readers for all your assay needs BMG'LRBTECH The Microplate Reader Company

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Microplate readers PHERAstar® FSX The gold standard for high-throughput screening CLARIOstar® Monochromator. Reinvented! Omega series Modular platform for life science needs SPECTROstar® Nano Flexible absorbance detection NEPHELOstar® Plus The only laser-based microplate nephelometer Accessories & technical details Atmospheric Control Unit (ACU) LVis Plate Filters Optic Modules THERMOstar Stacker III Microplate reader software package LVF Monochromator™ Reagent injectors Gas Vent Simultaneous Dual Emission Spectrometer Incubation and shaking Automatic focus adjustment Direct optic bottom...

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Microplate readers - 3

We are BMG LABTECH - your developer and global manufacturer of single- and multi-mode microplate readers. Established in 1989 in Offenburg, Germany, our company has been successfully designing and producing high-quality instruments and microplate handling systems for more than 27 years! The introduction of the first microplate fluorometer in 1993 brought us to the forefront of detection technology. Since then, we have been constantly improving the functionality and sensitivity of our plate readers to handle the increasingly challenging requirements of microplate-based assays. The range of...

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Microplate readers - 4

Bring your lab up to speed! Are you looking for the microplate reader that leaves everyone else behind? One that is fast and sensitive? The PHERAstar® FSX definitely is the best choice for the needs of high-throughput screeners. With its super fast read times, its precision and the highest sensitivity, this reader is the perfect tool to run your lab. High-throughput screening Up to 3456-well plates Multi-mode “The PHERAstar is a very high-end which is very good for high-throughput screening and is the most sensitive instrument I have tested for BRET. We use it for ligand binding and...

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Microplate readers - 5

The gold standard for high-throughput screening The PHERAstar FSX was specifically conceived for the highest sensitivity and the fastest speed required in screening campaigns. Its unique features make it superior to any other microplate reader on the market. This high-end instrument performs all the leading detection technologies: UV/vis absorbance Fluorescence intensity, including FRET Luminescence (flash and glow), including BRET Fluorescence polarization/anisotropy Time-resolved fluorescence, including TR-FRET AlphaScreen®, AlphaLISA® and AlphaPlexTM In single flash mode, it can read a...

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Microplate readers - 6

Advanced Alpha Technology detection The second laser is dedicated for Alpha Technology (AlphaScreen®, AlphaLISA® and AlphaPlex™] detection. It specifically excites donor beads at 680 nm, providing an increased Signal-to-Noise ratio and a broad dynamic range. The combination of laser excitation and SDE detection gives the reader unsurpassed flexibility and sensitivity. In addition, the SDE detection system reduces read times and yields higher sensitivities in all multiplex Alpha Technology assays. Optimize your signal detection Decay Curve Monitoring (DCM] is a unique feature of the...

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Microplate readers - 7

The all-rounder! Want a reader with no compromises that has flexibility and sensitivity? The CLARIOstar® is perfect for you! Equipped with our revolutionary LVF MonochromatorTM technology, there is no need to sacrifice sensitivity for flexibility, it is the ideal tool for assay development. Assay development Multi-mode “The CLARIOstar shows a fantastic performance with fluorescence, luminescence and UV measurements … We are therefore very satisfied with this device and we strongly recommend it.” Alfredo Castello, University of Oxford, UK Sensitivity Flexibility

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Microplate readers - 8

Monochromator. Reinvented! The CLARIOstar is a multi-mode, high-performance microplate reader that combines the flexibility of monochromators with the sensitivity of filters. This modular, upgradeable reader comes with our inhouse developed and patented revolutionary LVF Monochromators. Along with filters and a spectrometer, you can use it for any application you need. Three different detection technologies guarantee no compromise on sensitivity or flexibility: one for excitation and one for emission. A unique Linear Variable Dichroic mirror separates excitation and emission light. LVF...

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Microplate readers - 9

"I have found BMG LABTECH to be one of the most outstanding companies to deal with in my 6 years with the University. Our representative has always been tremendously helpful and efficient and over that time we have built a good relationship. In my view, the equipment we have purchased, in terms of quality, reliability and performance cannot be bettered and I would recommend it to anyone. The post-sales customer service we have received has also been excellent." Dr. Chris Lowe, Department of Chemistry, University of Cambridge, UK □ Exceptional fluorescence polarization The CLARIOstar is the...

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Microplate readers - 10

Omega series Only one option is not an option. Omega plate readers are equipped with exactly what you need for your life science applications. The true modular flexibility perfectly fullfills your requirements: from an absorbance-only SPECTROstar® to a fully equipped multi-mode POLARstar®. The choice is yours! Life science Up to 384-well plates Single- to multi-mode “Our laboratory has used the FLUOstar Omega microplate reader for several years. We find that even weak fluorescence signals can be measured with high Prof. Stefan Rensing Department of Plant Cell Biology, University of Marburg,...

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Microplate readers - 11

Flexibility and modularity for life science research The Omega series offers a combination of performance, flexibility, and value for money for all of your applications. It provides the perfect platform for a wide range of applications in basic research, life science studies, and assay development. Backed by German engineering and technology, the Omega series encompasses single to multi-mode microplate readers: samples, etc. For mid-throughput purposes, the instruments can be equipped with our Stacker, allowing automated plate handling for up to 50 microplates. Single-mode readers:...

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