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PHERAstar® FSX - 1

PHERAstar® FSX The new Gold Standard for High-Throughput Screening

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PHERAstar® FSX - 2

The best performance in all assays Built upon the successful PHERAstar FS platform, the The new reference microplate reader for HTS PHERAstar® FSX was specifically conceived for the highest sensitivity and the fastest speed. Its new and unique features make the PHERAstar FSX superior to any other microplate reader currently on the market. High-end German engineering combined with the latest technologies makes the PHERAstar FSX the new Gold Standard microplate reader for HTS. The PHERAstar FSX multi-mode plate reader performs all the leading detection technologies: Whether you need speed,...

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PHERAstar® FSX - 3

composed of a free air optical path, three independent light Simultaneous Dual Emission (SDE) detection for microplate sources, Simultaneous Dual Emission detection, and high readers. Thanks to SDE detection, the PHERAstar FSX can transmission filters. Depending on the application, users simultaneously detect two separate emission wavelengths can choose one of the following light sources: in one single measurement. This offers a significant speed advantage by cutting read times in half. SDE corrects High energy xenon flash lamp flash-to-flash variations, photobleaching, decaying kinetic...

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PHERAstar® FSX - 4

680 nm and provides a broad dynamic range and an increased signal-to-noise ratio. In addition, the outstanding SDE detection system allows for reduced read times and higher sensitivities in all multiplex Alpha assays. Top/bottom focal height adjustment Thanks to the innovative free air optic path system which uses a series of software-controlled mirrors to directly focus the light beam on the bottom or top of the plate, light transmission is significantly enhanced. This results in unmatched top and bottom reading performance. Top or bottom detection is automatically adjusted by the Unique...

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PHERAstar® FSX - 5

mode, the reader takes several measurements on a defined orbit and calculates an average for each well. The PHERAstar FSX combines fast read times necessary for HTS with the sensitivity to read small volumes. The user can always find the best combination of sensitivity and Ultra-fast absorbance spectrometer speed by choosing the number of flashes. In single flash BMG LABTECH was the first company to integrate a mode, the PHERAstar FSX can read a 1536-well plate in spectrometer for absorbance measurements into a multi- 27 seconds, making the PHERAstar FSX among the mode HTS microplate...

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PHERAstar® FSX - 6

Control and MARS Data Analysis Software Applications center The PHERAstar FSX software package provides an A perfectly engineered microplate reader is only part of extensive range of possibilities for both test protocol the solution. The reader’s ability to effectively perform all definitions and data analysis and is fully compliant with FDA of the leading applications is the final piece of the puzzle. regulation 21 CFR Part 11. The Control Software allows With the PHERAstar FSX, BMG LABTECH offers a unique users to define instrument parameters and test protocols. combination of features to...

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PHERAstar® FSX - 7

Alpha Signal [Target protein 2] (µg/mL) AlphaPlex™ technology Inhibitor dose response DNA/RNA quantifications (R)-PFI 2 hydrochloride inhibitor titration with SET7/9 enzyme detected with HTRF. BMG LABTECH continuously works with all the leading reagent companies to optimize instrument settings for their existing assays and their newest chemistries. T RANSCREENER™ AlphaTechnology Binding studies LanthaScreen® Kinase activity Enzyme activity Gene expression Protein quantifications Dual luciferase assays Reporter gene assays BRET assays Enzyme kinetics ROS detection Cell Viability NADH / NADPH...

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PHERAstar® FSX - 8

Due to the modularity of BMG LABTECH's instruments, all or combinations of the features below can be installed at purchase or upgraded at any time. Please contact your local representative for more details or a quote. Detection modes * Limit of detection: < 100 amol of biotinylated and phosphorylated polypeptide [P-Tyr-100 assay kit, PerkinElmer, #67606200, measured in white 384 small volume microplates Limit of detection [sensitivity] was calculated according to the IUPAC standard: 3x[SDbianJ / slope Specifications are subject to change without notice. © 2016 All rights reserved. All logos...

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