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HEMOCHROMATM General Information Spectrophotometry is one of the most widely applied and trusted technique in analytical and clinical laboratories worldwide. A beam of well controlled shape is sent through a clear cuvette holding the sample (+ processing chemical agent) and the attenuation of the light flux will provide precise information on the concentration of the target analyte. Boditech Med’s HEMOCHRMATM is a portable hemoglobin meter based on this robust and reliable detection mechanism. With proper handling, HEMOCHRMATM is capable of delivering excellent measurement accuracy comparable to high end reference hemoglobin analyzers. Unlike generic spectrophotometers, HEMOCHRoMATM accepts the proprietary cuvette that holds the preprocessing buffer. There is no need for additional reagents or consumables except lancets to prick the patient’s finger and appropriate sterilization materials. Boditech Med provides all other required materials for running tests, including cuvettes and sample collecting tips with integrated micro-capillaries. The user would use the sample collecting tip to draw the blood into the capillary, insert it into the cuvette, then insert the processed sample in the test port to finish the test with a touch of a key. HEMOCHRMATM returns the result in less than 20 seconds and the result is stored, up to 1,000 of them, in the on-board memory, which can later be retrieved manually or transferred to an external computer. The reagent for HEMOCHRoMATM comes pre-dispensed in the proprietary cuvette. The reagent is free of cyanide and contains environment-friendly components only. The sample and the reagent remain sealed inside the cuvette which can be disposed according to the local ordinance after use. Key Features of the HEMOCHROMATM hemoglobin Reader • Quantitative results • Sample volume: 10 µl (4 µl for newborns also available) • Results in less than 20 seconds • Cyanide free reagent in individually sealed cuvettes • Sample handling devices provided • Simple user interface: two step key strokes • 1,000 sets data storage: retrieve and transferable • Comparable performance with high end reference analyzers • Battery powered ( and 100~240VAC SMPS adapter, optional ) • Weight: 230g Figure 1. HEMOCHROMATM hemoglobin Reader •Dimension: 105x50x155 mm (WHL)

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Sample collection and processing HEMOCHROMATM utilizes proprietary sample collectors and reagents. The reagent is contained in the individually sealed cuvette. The filled sample collector is used to break the seal before they are combined together. This combination is shaken and inserted into the reader. The reader returns the result within 20 seconds. Figure 2 The sample collector (L) and the cuvette with reagent (R) Figure 3 Operation procedure 1. 2. 3. 4. Collect the sample with the provided collector. Combine the collector and the cuvette in the reader. Remove the assembled cuvette and...

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