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i-CHROMA DUO Reader General Information i -CHROMADUO is a bench-top lateral flow strip reader and control system based on Boditech Med’s proven i-CHROMATM readers. This was developed to improve the system flexibility and compatibility with the network setting. i -CHROMADUO aims to achieve these objectives by encompassing two independent tracks controlled by an on-board PC board. The PC board supports the full functionality of a regular PC, including the touch-screen display, a keyboard, a mouse as well as the LAN connection. One may equip i-CHROMADUO with a readily available PC printer. Two channels are operated independent to each other. The user has the option of running identical parameters twice as fast or two differing parameters simultaneously. Those users who are already familiar with the operation of the stand-alone i-CHROMATM reader will find that control keys located on top of the i-CHROMATM reader are duplicate in the control software. These software keys function exactly as their physical counterparts. The user would use the mouse of the touch pad to operate each reader separately. With the control software provided with the system, one can enter and edit patient information, look up the stored data by scrolling and have the information sent to designated locations. This software also controls both test device ports and oversees the function and monitors the system integrity. The firmware for each internal i-CHROMATM is upgradeable with the upgrade kits. The control software can also be updated by downloading the latest version from the designated site. Key Features of the i-CHROMADUO • • • • • • • Figure 1. i -CHROMADUO reader • • • • • • • • • • Quantitative results Closed system Two one-dimensional scanners in tandem High throughput: up to 80 samples per hour Simple user interface Support up to 60 parameters (customizable) Automatically identifies sample types (Whole blood or Serum/Plasma): no user input necessary Simplified firmware upgrade Comparable performance with high end reference analyzers Supports remote technical service Operating system: Linux (Ububtu). Windows also available Comes with a hand-held barcode scanner. Keyboard optional Wide range of printers supported Network ready (TCPIP) Compatible with LIS via RS232c ports Power requirement:100~240VAC, 50~60Hz. Weight 4.5 kg, Dimension 431x180x 340 mm (WHL) Principle Laser energy irradiating the scan line on the test device induces the emission of characteristic fluorescence off the fluorophores immobilized on the detection biomaterials, which were captured by capture molecules previously immobilized on the Test Device. The amount of this fluorescent energy is closely correlated with the relative amount of the analyte under measurement. i-CHROMATM reader is equipped with the confocal optical. (figure 2) i-CHROMATM optical sensor layout arrangement has been widely adopted and proven under most confocal fluorescence microscopes. This guarantees the best possible background rejection, which is of crucial importance when one wants to increase the detection sensitivity. The firmware takes care of the whole operation after accepting the Test Device into the carriage. The user inputs via keys located on the faceplate or via external commands from externally connected control computer. Figure 2. i-CHROMATM optical sensor layout

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i-CHROMADUO Reader - 2

Software Interface * Test Mode Setting Mode -Test: HMlt * Test Mode Setting Mode Saved Results The 5 function keys of the /-CHROMA™ reader are duplicated on the LCD monitor and each key is mapped to the corresponding physical key. The user can also utilize software keys to power on or off. Patient IDs are accepted in the designated ID box via an internal (soft keys) or an external keyboard. A barcode system is also supported to scan-input most types of barcodes. The software also duplicates the LCD window output from each i-CHROMA™ module-

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