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Mini FLUOROMETER Principle There are many phenomena resulting when atoms or molecules receive external energy. The magnitude of the energy determines the type of phenomena that occurs. The energy from the wavelength of 1000nm that belong to ultraviolet and visible light is strong enough to excite the electrons of certain atom or molecules from their ground states. The excitation of atom or a molecule occurs by absorbing energy from a specific wavelength of the ultraviolet visible light. The identity of the molecule, therefore, can be determined by comparing its wavelength to known wavelength distribution of known substances. The concentration of the substance can be dertermined by quantifying the absorbance of light. This device is a Mini FLUOROMETER that utilizes dual wave length of 340nm from the UV spectrum and 600nm the visible spectrum to determine the identity and concentration of the substance being analyzed. Key Features of the Mini FLUOROMETER • Sample : Standard Cuvette • Wavelength : 340nm, 600nm • Method : Spectral absorption • Blanking : manual • Data communication : USB port • Output : LC Display • Weight : 360g with batteries • Power : AC 100-250V [SMPS] or batteries [AAx4] • Dimension : 105(L) x 155(W) x 48(H) nm Figure 1 Mini FLUOROMETER Applications Assay Wavelength Material & Method Fluorescence 340 nm MUG assay, GUS assay, Other enzyme assay DNA 340 nm Hoechst Protein 600 nm Bradford assay-Coomassie blue G-250 Enzyme 340 nm NADH Dehydrogenase, LDL, ADH, GPx, ATPase, GDH, NADH oxidase Eviromental Assay 600 nm Chemical Oxygen Demand, Turbidity Cytotoxic Assay 600 nm MTT assay Microorganism 600 nm Microbial growth

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