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BORT Immob-Splint with patella recess No. 145 000 Body size 80 - 145 cm No game is without risk. 3-component splint to immobilize knee joint in 0° or 20° flexion. Medial and lateral splint can be freely positioned. Inner face lined with terry cloth. Indications: for complete immobilization of knee joint. Three-dimensional form-knitted dual-tension bandage with two silicone pads for massage. Applicable left and right. Indications: distortion, ligament instability, after plaster cast. Soft orthesis with DynamicForceControl technology (DFC) for effective stabilization of the ankle with...

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In this game, the winner is certain: your health! BORT bandages: Also for children When children play, injuries can occur. This is why BORT now offers bandages for thumbs, wrists, shoulders, knees and ankles in smaller sizes. As with all our medical products, the “BORT Program for Children” was developed in close cooperation with medical practitioners, therapists, orthopedic technicians and designers. Based on this cooperation, we are able to constantly improve established products and develop new high-grade product innovations. BORT bandages for children comply with stringent quality...

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BORT bandages for children The natural urge for action sometimes leads children to hazards that adults have long forgotten. No difference whether you happen to be a Cowboy or an Indian: “Gee, this is sore!” BORT Cervical support No. 127 260 The small heroes now need big help: BORT bandages take the load off, protect, alleviate the pain and promote recovery. Why? Because the next playmate is already waiting. BORT StabiloFix® No. 104 600 Circumference of neck up to 33 cm Height of chin 5,0/6,0 cm Cervical support made of soft foam material with recess for larynx and Velcro® closure for...

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