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BORT DynamicFX Back Brace Spring reinforced for a life on the move. orthopedics surgery sports medicine rehabilitation

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Osteoporosis – A brief roundup of the facts! Bone mass increases over about the first 30 years of our life, when it reaches its maximum and slowly declines again. Osteoporosis is one of the world’s major public health problems and is steadily increasing due to growing life expectancy, especially in the industrialised countries. Experts estimate there are about 7.8 million sufferers in Germany having to cope with chronic pain. Osteoporosis is classified into primary (95% of cases) and secondary disease (5%). The cause of primary osteoporosis remains unknown, but the risk factors for its...

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“Osteoporosis can be effectively treated if detected early.”

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Can a brace maintain posture and still remain movable? Back braces are prescribed for the prevention of osteoporotic vertebral fractures with the aim of straightening the upper part of the body and relieving anterior loading of the vertebrae. Braces also prevent extreme vertebral movements and are used both for overt fractures as part of a purely conservative therapy and as postoperative supportive devices. Reclination braces can, for example, help kyphotic patients regain their upright posture. In cooperation with the prominent orthopedic specialist Prof. Dr. Rudolf Bertagnoli, a...

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“Improves body posture BORT DynamicFX Back Brace – the more effective brace gets people moving. Commercially available brace systems have so far been characterised by a relatively rigid overall concept. The BORT DynamicFX Back Brace is different, because its flexibly adjustable functional components do not immobilise. Corresponding to the required degree of stabilisation, the intensity of the dynamics can be selected from five springs of differing strengths; the spring elements can be exchanged without difficulty at any time. The posture correction is based on a biofeedback mechanism and...

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BORT DynamicFX Back Brace Technical information The orthopaedic technician assembles a BORT DynamicFX Back Brace individually to meet each patient’s needs. He selects the base plate in the correct size – small (length 32 cm), medium (length 40 cm), large (length 48 cm) or x-large (length 56 cm) – adapts it to the patient’s specific body shape, checks the fit and function at regular intervals and makes corrections as required. The correct choice of base plate according to the affected body region and the patient’s specific height is decisive for the success of therapy. Brief overview of...

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Selecting spring tension elements The strength of the spring determines the degree of straightening and therefore the improvement in posture. Five colour-coded spring strengths are available. 30 newtons = YELLOW 40 newtons = WHITE 50 newtons = BLUE 60 newtons = RED 80 newtons = BLACK ➔ ● Only orthopaedic technicians or trained specialist personnel may fit the BORT DynamicFX Back Brace to meet individual requirements. Treatment recommendation Spring strengths 30 N to 50 N: Conservative treatment: Muscular dysbalance, radicular irritation syndrome, incipient spinal stenosis, irritation of the...

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Effect scientifically confirmed. The straightening forces of the BORT DynamicFX Back Brace were investigated in a study in six persons, some suffering from osteoporosis and some healthy.1 To generate the series of measurements, the study subjects aged between 42 and 78 years performed two different exercises while wearing the back brace. ndependently of the individual execution of the movement, the straightening forces of the BORT DynamicFX Back Brace should increase as the flexion of the trunk increases and appropriately support the muscles but not completely replace the muscular strength...

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➔ ● Forward bend: with the knees straight, bend as far forwards and downwards as possible. ➔ D ● iagonal forward bend: with the knees straight, point the hands towards an object located 20 cm in front of and 20 cm to the left of the tip of the left foot. Force and pressure measurements were performed on the right shoulder strap before and during the exercises (in the straight forward bend a similarly large force is to be assumed, while with the diagonal variant the force on the left is probably smaller). The movement was measured between the neck section and the pelvic strap of the brace....

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Scientific discussion Even in the upright position, the BORT DynamicFX Back Brace pushed the shoulder strap backwards with a force of approx. 3 N. In the forward bend, this force increased to approx. 60 N. In the diagonal forward bend, approx. 40 N was measured on the right shoulder alone. No comparative data are available for other braces, since the proclaimed effects are only rarely demonstrated empirically. In the present study, the kyphotic angle of the thoracic spine was measured before and after fitting an osteoporosis body suit and the effect on the degree of thoracic kyphosis of the...

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“Reduces painful overloading of the back muscles.”

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