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Novelties 2015 Year after year we actively develop new product solutions to meet current care requirements. Our know-how is based on state-of-the-art scientific knowledge combined with many years of experience in development and manufacturing technology. The result: first class quality products for every joint. ELBOW PRODUCT BENEFIT – Epicondylitis soft clasp for relieving the radial or ulnar muscle origin – Standard size adjustable to individual circumferences using Velcro fastening – Modern, sport design BORT EpiContur® Sport No. 022 500 SP skin-tone black THE BASIC-BENEFIT – Special elastic bending zone, also protects the antecubital fossa when worn for longer periods FINGER/THUMB PRODUCT BENEFIT BORT SellaXpress long No. 112 880 – Shoulder/arm abduction brace for the immobilisation and relief of the shoulder joint – Freely positionable straps for xing the arm – Ball-shaped hand rest for training the forearm muscles – Skin-friendly velour cover BORT OmoFX Vario No. 121 020 – Compression elbow support – Anatomically contoured knit with pressure-reduced zone over the olecranon – Two structured silicone pads for intermittent massage – Free movement of the elbow joint – Length: 20 cm (7.9 inches) COLOURS: – Fitted cut brace design enables slipfree t for sport activities – Brace pressure individually metered – Specially shaped friction pad, freely positionable PRODUCT BENEFIT – Brace for partial immobilisation of the thumb saddle joint and metacarpophalangeal joint – Integrated stabilisation element guarantees optimum tting – Extremely lightweight structure – Soft padding and skin-friendly material ensure comfortable wear – Special guide on the thumb tube – Latex-free – Reversible cushion: positioning in 30° or 45° abduction – High therapeutic safety due to the anti-slip anatomic cut of the cushion – Comfortable to wear BORT. Benet on your side. – Long splint spanning the wrist joint – Individual, cold-mouldable interlocking system – Skin-friendly velour, comfortable to wear

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– So-called Kassel Patellar Tendon Strap for stabilisation and relief of the knee joint – Sports version without a guide loop – Modern, sport design – Optimised construction for high activity levels – Soft, elastic strap material COLOUR: BORT StabiloGen® Sport No. 114 520 SP BORT Patella Tendon Strap Sport No. 114 010 SP THE ECO-BENEFIT – Velvety soft surface structure – Highly elastic bending zone, also protects the popliteal fossa when worn for longer periods – Comfortable to wear BORT Knee Support with Articulated Joint No. 114 460 – Knee support with side joint splints and patella...

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Novelties 2015 - 3

THE MED-BENEFIT – Individual adjustment thanks to exible elastic belts – Active straightening of the spine – Elastic corset for relief of the thoracic spine – Breathable, skin-friendly material – Slim design, not bulky BORT StabiloPlus® Bridging Brace No. 104 760 BORT Elastic Corset No. 104 560 PRODUCT BENEFIT – Lumbar brace for bridging and for relief of the lumbar spine – Classical brace-shaped stable plastic bridging frame, anatomically pre-moulded, thermoplastically adjustable – Non-elastic stabilisation strap, individually adjustable – Height: ventral 17 cm (6.7 inch), dorsal 32 cm...

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Redesigned products Movement day after day for more than 30 years. With our detailed solutions, we ensure the constant evolution and improvement of our products. Innovative production ideas attuned to our customers’ real requirements provide a high level of quality and patient well-being. BORT. Benet on your side. BORT Stabilo® Ankle Support No. 114 100 BORT GmbH P. O. Box 1330 | D-71367 Weinstadt Phone +49 (0) 7151 99200-0 Fax +49 (0) 7151 99200-50 | BORT KubiTal® Elbow Padded Support No. 055 100 BORT Ganglion Support No. 112 820 BORT Stabilo® Lady Back...

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