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Art. no. 1450 Function: The ankle joint is permanently exposed to injuries by twisting, tilting or stumbling. The ActiveColor® Ankle support provides effective bracing and can be worn in athletic as well as in street shoes. Colors: white, red, blue, beige, black Indication: Overstraining prophylaxis, sprains and overstress irritations Sizes: Circumference of ankle small – up to 21 cm medium – 21-23 cm large – 23-25 cm x-large (blue, beige, black) – 25-27 cm xx-large (blue, beige, black) – 27-29 cm Advantages in summary: • The ActiveColor® Supports stabilize the joint without disturbing the mobility. • The ActiveColor® Supports are colored, 5 modern colors can be combined to fit every clothing. • Every support is available with a bag permeable to air when travelling. • There is practically no user risk during movement when wearing the ActiveColor® Support. During resting periods, e. g. over night, the support should not be worn. In case of continued discomfort please consult a doctor. As a further colorful alternative for self-therapy As a further colorful alternative for self-therapy Function: Permanently elastic bandages, protecting, supporting and good looking. Skin-friendly and permeable to air. Bright colors avoid the impression of illness and disability. Self-adhesive version of StabiloColor® with micro point latex application. Material: Top quality with woven edge, made of 88% cotton, 11% polyamide and 1% polyurethane. Elasticity approx. 80%. yellow, green, blue, red, violet Widths of 4, 6, 8 and 10 cm available. Length: 5 m (extended) yellow, green, red, blue, violet Material: 88% cotton, 11% polyamide and 1% polyurethane. Elasticity approx. 80%. Widths of 4, 6, 8 and 10 cm available. Length: 5 m (extended) ACTIVE SUPPORTS FOR LEISURE AND WORK ANKLE SUPPORT BORT has developed the ActiveColor® Supports especially for simple and uncomplicated selftherapy of general joint troubles. The ActiveColor® Support adjusts itself optimally, without restricting, to the natural movement. The compression supports additionally the joint in its physiological mobility. BORT GmbH P.O.Box 1330 · D-71367 Weinstadt-Benzach ·

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WRIST SUPPORT ELBOW SUPPORT KNEE SUPPORT THIGH SUPPORT KNEE SUPPORT WITH ZIPPER Function: Problems at the wrist can occur due to a onetime heavy stress (e.g. straining) as well as due to continued overstrain (inflammation of tendon). The ActiveColor® Wrist support with variable Velcro® closure braces and offers individually adjustable compression. Elbow support with Function: The high compression force prevents overstraining of joints, tendons and arm muscles. Recommended for all sports with intensive arm use. Thigh support is Function: The prophylactic to overstress of the thigh muscles....

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