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SMART EYE IS A SWEDISH COMPANY COMMITTED TO PROVIDING THE MOST ADVANCED NON-INTRUSIVE EYE TRACKING EQUIPMENT, PRODUCING MEASUREMENTS WHERE NOBODY ELSE CAN. WE ARE EQUALLY COMMITTED TO MEASURING WITH THE GREATEST ACCURACY OVER THE BIGGEST VISUAL FIELD. Founded in 1999 and with its roots in the Automotive Industry, Smart Eye is now regarded as a global leader in the development and delivery of remote, multi-camera head and eye tracking solutions for the Automotive, Aviation and Aerospace research and manufacturing industries. Our philosophy and focus is innovation in non-intrusive, combined...

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With the remarkable IMX174 chip by Sony.

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Sampling rate Head Box (freedom of head movement) Tracking Accuracy Head: Rotation 0,3 degrees (typ.) Gaze intersection: 0.3 degrees (typ.) Delivery Data Eye position, gaze intersections, pupil diameter, saccades, fixations, blinks, eyelid opening and many more. Recovery Time (Tracking Loss) Optimal Camera - Eye Distance Eyewear compability Glasses, contact lenses, and sunglasses of non IR-blocking-type. Calibration Mode/Time Pupil and Iris/ Corneal Reflection and Head Model

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