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We count about 450 users as our customers around the world. Over the last few years, we at Rogue Research have been focusing on the data acquisition within Brainsight. Our first installments were the addition of EEC Now we take a large step forward with the development of Brainsight NIRS. integrated Solutions for Neuroscience

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THE NEUROSCIENCE HUB Brainsight® Neuronavigator When we set out to design our NIRS system, we did not want neuronavigation system. For 15 years, Brainsight has been to just do what others have done. We set out to make a setting the standard for functionality and ease of use for unique device that is simpler to use and reflects current TMS localization and veterinary neurosurgery. One of the most challenging aspects of NIRS is the cap. Since Brainsight® NIRS Hardware Brainsight NIRS starts off with the Brainsight trends in NIRS imaging. The interface on the device In addition to the standard...

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4398 St-Laurent Blvd., Suite 206, Montreal (QC) Canada H2W1Z5 Toll free (North America) 866-984-3888 . Fax + 1 (514) 284-6750 Integrated SoluUors tor NeuroscJence The Creative Quarter, 8a Morgan Arcade

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