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DuoMAG tms MAGNETIC | STIMULATION The DuoMAG magnetic stimulators are among some of the most versatile magnetic stimulators for neuroscience research. There are three models available; the DuoMAG MP for monophasic TMS, the DuoMAG MP Dual for paired-pulse stimulation and the DuoMAG XT for rTMS. DuoMAG MP The DuoMAG MP is a well-specified monophasic stimulator: Greater flexibility is given by the ability to adjust the ISI for the two pulses from either the supplied software or through external TTL inputs. With the DuoMAG MP-Dual users can combine two stimulator pulses into a single pulse, giving a pulse amplitude that is equal to 140% of a single DuoMAG MP output. This high power single pulse mode is useful for individuals with very high thresholds (e.g. Asian vs Caucasian). This functionality was originally developed to allow for stimulation of infants who also have a really high threshold due to incomplete myelination of the nerves which in turn makes them poor conductors of electricity and therefore requires more power in to get an effect out. The Asian effect is thought to be as a result of different head physiology and scull thickness, but has the same effect. The fact that the MP-Dual gives this level of power output means that you have greater headroom for effective stimulation compared to other devices on the market.

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The MP Dual comes with the same standard features as the MP - flexible control options, custom protocol editor and user friendly, optional, touch screen software interface. The DuoMAG XT for repetitive TMS (rTMS) is a compact and flexible bi-phasic stimulator available in three variations each with a specific maximum frequency - DuoMAG XT-10; XT-35 and XT-100. They all come with many of the same standard features as the DuoMAG MP and MP Dual devices such as flexible control options, configurable via a Windows based touch screen, available with cart/trolley as well as features specific for...

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