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Measuring and Modulating Brain Activity DC-STIMULATOR MOBILE Transcranial electrical stimulation for use in clinical routines The DC-STIMULATOR MOBILE is a clinical stimulator designed to be used in clinics, medical practices and research institutes. Using this device, doctors and psychologists can carry out transcranial direct current situmation (tDCs) using weak currents up to 2mA over 15 to 30 minutes. tDCS represents part of interventional neurophysiology; the electical charges and densities administered during tDCS lie far below the threshold for releasing a stimulus and have a modular effect on existing neuronal elements. Depending on duration, used current, current density and frequency the stimulation is effective on inhibiting or activating cortical activity. If established therapies fail a supporting therapeutic effect of tDCS on depression, craving and fibromyalgia is probable and during neuropathic pain of the lower limbs possible. Use of the DC-STIMULATOR MOBILE: The DC-STIMULATOR MOBILE can be used as part of the day-to-day routine of therapy centers and practices. The device is best used when: Therapy is carried out according to a fixed protocol and predefinded dosage, which are not changed Patients are to be treated within fixed time spans.

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DC-STIMULATOR MOBILE DC-STIMULATOR MOBILE Features example of use transcranial direct current stimulation When ordering the device, the user specifies a stimulation configuration. A configuration can include up to 8 different stimulation sequences, which can then be selected on the stimulator unit. After the device is delivered, the DC-STIMULATOR MOBILE only functions in this mode. This effectively prevents inadvertent or unintended changes to the stimulation parameters and facilitates the use of the device in the daily routine. Components of the basic set of devices: The DC-STIMULATOR...

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