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Measuring and Modulating Brain Activity neuroConnJ/^^DC-STIMULATOR MR Programmable direct and alternating current stimulator The DC-Stimulator PLUS is a stimulator for use in scientific research that provides a stimulation with weak currents, either direct or alternating, (transcranial Electrical Stimulation tES), within non-invasive Interventional Neurophysiology. The electrical charge and current density applied through a constant current source are far below the threshold for releasing a stimulus. Depending on the duration, the used current, the current density, and the frequency the stimulation has a modular effect on existing neuronal elements by either activating or inhibiting cortical activity. The DC-Stimulator MR allows to apply tES during functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) to localize the exact position of cortical activation. Advantages of the DC-STIMULATOR MR: ■ Highest patient safety standards due to multistage monitoring of the current path, automatic termination of the stimulation as well as continuous monitoring of the electrode impedance ■ Intuitive menu navigation via display and four buttons ■ Individual stetting and saving of the stimulation parameters ■ Programmable treatment schedule and limited menu access * ■ Study mode for double-blind active and sham stimulation* ■ Signal output for online-correction of the EEG signal during tDCS or tACS/tRNS* * optional Moving thought

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DC-STIMULATOR MR DC-STIMULATOR MR Features Microprocessor-controlled constant current source 1 channel, unipolar (DC) and bipolar (AC) stimulation possible Use during fMRI, no interference of the fMRI images during EPI sequence Siutable for 1,5 and 3 Tesla systems High safety standard through multistage monitoring of the current path Stimulation mode: tDCS (continuous stimulation, adjustable, fade in and fade out) Stimulation mode: pulse (cyclic turning on/off of stimulation, adjustable pulse width and interval) Stimulation mode: sinus (bipolar sinus wave, offset, frequency, phase and...

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