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REACH FOR THE CLOUDS QUENTRY OVERVIEW The future of medical care is being driven by the need for faster access, better management and elevated enrichment of data that is generated from multiple sources. Brainlab meets this need with intelligent and innovative solutions. Images & Documents Quentry combines powerful tools for image and document sharing, web and mobile data access and PACS integration with connectivity to Brainlab data enrichment, planning applications and devices. Imaging Systems As a cloud-based service, all stored data is available anytime, anywhere supporting clinicians...

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BRIDGE THE GAP Information & knowledge sharing The growing and increasing complexity of combined treatments across various clinical sub-specialties requires strong relationships with colleagues, clinical specialists and referring institutions. Quentry users can easily build and extend their own networks by inviting their colleagues and collaborating on cases within minutes. Conversations for each case can be tracked and patient history can be accessed at anytime. As an online service, Quentry users are ensured a fast and secure connection with colleagues within the hospital, non-affiliated...

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DRIVE COMMUNICATION QUENTRY CARETEAMS Quentry CareTeams are designed to support clinical workflows and improve collaboration. CareTeams can be established for multiple clinical workflows and include any relevant department or staff. CareTeam benefits: ■» share access to patient folders and receive notifications on any new patient ■» offer single point of contact to referring institutions ■» add/replace members easily and at any time Imaging Center Hospital Care Team

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ASSESS FROM EVERY ANGLE INTUITIVE WEB-BASED IMAGE VIEWER Quentry users can review medical images using an advanced web-based viewer. Features include: ■» compare multiple series and studies quickly and easily with up to six viewing ■» support multiple modalities including MR, CT, PET, CR, DXand ECHO ■» access advanced viewing controls with MPR, CINE and measurement ■» display pre-segmented objects* ■» display in full screen mode * Availability of certain features may vary depending on local regulatory clearance.

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Quentry - 6

control the flow convenient mobile access Quentry Mobile, available on the App Store for free download, allows users to securely access, review and share medical data from any existing Brainlab account using an iPhone® or iPad®. Users can view medical images including MR, CT, and X-Ray, open document attachments, provide comments and control sharing with contacts. Main features: view images with pan/zoom, windowing and ACS view functions view PDF, TXT and DOC attachments share patient folders with colleagues in Quentry network provide comments and review feedback from colleagues

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inspire informed decisions quentry-connected clinical applications Quentry allows users to launch and employ clinical planning and enrichment tools to push completed plans to any device, storage location or wherever they need to go for further treatment. Quentry patient data can be enriched and accessed for further planning using web-based and Windows-based clinical applications. Brainlab offers a suite of Quentry-connected clinical applications: TraumaCad, Atlas Segmentation*, Image Fusion*, Smart Brush®* and Dose Review*. Digital templating and pre-operative planning can be done anytime,...

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Push and pull integrate with brainlab medical devices Physicians can access patient data and synchronize enriched or updated information across devices and locations improving collaborative planning and consultation. 2 Quentry provides a central storage location and a comprehensive view of patient history, including pre- and post-operative data. Images from Quentry can be sent to and from Brainlab platforms such as Buzz™, Curve™ and Kick™. 1 Curve™ Image Guided Surgery 2 Buzz™ Digital O.R.

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Quentry - 9

get the facts secure image & documents network Quentry gives hospitals, clinics, imaging centers and physicians the freedom to access, control and share diagnostic imaging from anywhere within a secure clinical network. Quentry provides multiple ways to transfer files: Upload/download files quickly from any computer using Quentry web uploader Quentry Desktop Access PACS for manual upload/download, upload DICOM CDs and individual images Quentry Desktop Quentry Gateway 3 Quentry Gateway Integrate with PACS for automatic upload and manual download for imaging modalities or other...

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exchange data quentry gateway Quentry Gateway is a Windows-based service that is installed on a facility server or personal computer and allows multiple users to search the local PACS, as well as their Quentry account, and transfer images between the two. It is the preferred method for accessing PACS and imaging systems at larger facilities in a managed IT environment, or for automated and high volume image workflows. Quentry Gateway allows: upload images from PACS or imaging modalities to an individual Quentry account or CareTeam use DICOM tags for automated routing rules* download images...

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REST aSSURED it & data security Quentry employs advanced encryption technology to ensure that all sensitive medical information is protected. Data uploaded and stored on the site can only be accessed and viewed through the individual login accounts that are authorized to view the data. Quentry users are in full control of their data and assigning access rights to their contacts. Quentry is designed to protect its patient medical data from security breaches and malicious attacks. The sophisticated security measures and architecture implemented for Quentry meet both HIPAA and HITECH...

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Quentry - 12 © 2013 Brainlab AG. EH_BR_EN_QuentryEBrochure_June2013_Rev1®Registered trademark of Brainlab AG in Germany and/or the US.™Trademark of Brainlab AG in Germany and/or the US.

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