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2020 BriteMED Product Catalog


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2020 BriteMED Product Catalog - 1

Celebrate Humanity with Technology

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2020 BriteMED Product Catalog - 2

A RELIABLE PARTNER TO COUNT ON BriteMED is established since 2009, dedicated to manufacturing and marketing innovative medical devices and electronic medical solutions that improve clinical workflow and enhance patient care. As an ISO-13485 and GMP certified medical device manufacturer, we are committed to provide quality and innovative devices that provide better efficiency in the clinical environment. All BriteMED medical solutions are designed, tested and refined with the clinical environment in mind, featuring intuitive user interface and in compliance with international regulations....

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2020 BriteMED Product Catalog - 3

TABLE of CONTENTS Introduction Tele-Diagnosis and Home Medical Visit Integrated Operating Room ˙Medical Monitor Intelligent Nursing Workstation ˙Computerized Medical Cart ˙Mounting Options Tele-Diagnosis and Home Health Care Enables quick pre-screening of healthcare conditions Integrated Operating Rooms Enhances the intelligence on image viewing and processing Intelligent Nursing Workstation Ensures efficient and quality hospital workflow

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2020 BriteMED Product Catalog - 4

ECG-D12 PC-Based Resting 12-Lead Portable ECG ECG PC software is compatible with operating system in Windows 7 and above

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2020 BriteMED Product Catalog - 5

Location: District Public Center The BriteMED® ECG displays real-time and quality 12-lead waveforms by the expertise in noise filtering and ECG signal processing. The defibrillator protection and pace-maker detection are built in for best safety when using on ambulance for pre-hospital ECG screening. The ECG report and data can be easily integrated to electronic medical record system, assisting doctors to decide the follow-up medical treatment. The free PC ECG software is a tool to manage and analyze real-time ECG data. It interprets real-time ECG waveforms, saves and prints ECG report and...

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2020 BriteMED Product Catalog - 6

Quality Waveforms The 12-lead ECG waveforms are realtime and simultaneously displayed, enabling quick monitoring of abnormal heart syndrome. The captured ECG waveforms can be further analyzed to help cardiologists make diagnosis and decide the medical treatment. True Portability The light weight is convenient for doctors to carry out for visiting bedridden and elderly patients at home and care center. The small and palm size is also easy for integration on telemedicine cart to make ECG screening for tele-diagnosis and tele-consultation purpose. Intelligent Report System A4 printed ECG...

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2020 BriteMED Product Catalog - 7

The 21” and 27” high-resolution medical monitors bring the best viewing experience by displaying the image details, perfect for being a display terminal for various imaging modalities in operating room. The medical box PC is a high-performance computing system. With its expansion interface for the video cards, it becomes a powerful computing system to quickly process video streaming and real-time imaging in the OR application.

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2020 BriteMED Product Catalog - 8

BriteMED 21” MEDICAL MONITOR Location: Endoscopy Room The BriteMED® 21” series monitors are perfect display terminals by the unique video module design, including: VGA/DVI input for most endoscope system, analog video module for CRT replacement for old imaging system and HDMI video module for multi-modality imaging. The DICOM/GAMMA compliance and adjustable color temperature enable accurate and artifact-free imaging quality. The special coating glass facilitates clean and disinfection purpose in the stringent environment in the operating room. Benefits Versatile Connections Flexible...

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2020 BriteMED Product Catalog - 10

BriteMED 27” MEDICAL MONITOR Location: Surgical Room The BriteMED® 27” series monitors feature 700-nits high-brightness panel, perfect for viewing the details of both grayscale and color images. The 3G-SDI input/output video module is designed for the latest high-resolution endoscope system. The DICOM/GAMMA compliance and adjustable color temperature enable accurate and artifact-free imaging quality. The HDMI add-on video module allows picture-in-picture and picture-by-picture display for multi-modality imaging applications. Benefits Versatile Connections Quality Imaging Exceptional Clarity...

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2020 BriteMED Product Catalog - 12

Location: Surgical Robot The BriteMED® fanless medical box PC is built-in with high performance quad cord processor and a wide range of IO ports, making it perfect to be integrated in a hybrid operating theater. The expansion interface for add-on video card allows powerful video capture and processing capability. The equipotential grounding ensures safe use without any interference with other devices, perfect for video computing terminal in operating rooms. Benefits Medical Standard Compliance Use-Friendly Settings Flexible Expansion Water-Proof Advantage The compliance with medical...

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2020 BriteMED Product Catalog - 13

Isolated COM ports for safety protection The COM ports support 2.5kV isolation that meets medical safety standard. The isolated ports are designed to well protect patients and medical staffs from electrical hazards. Fanless and easy maintenance The fanless design that the heat-sink is situated at the bottom side makes it an easy-to-clean and reliable system, perfect for medical applications.

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2020 BriteMED Product Catalog - 14

The computerized medical carts by integrating the BriteMED® medical panel PC create clinical mobility that streamline the hospital work flow. The intelligent nursing workstation enables seamless communication among patients, medical professionals and IT staff that reduces time and cost, enhances work flow efficiency and improves workforce utilization. pCART-N1 + POCm-W22C Medication Workstation with Battery Medical Panel PC pCART-N3+ POCm-W22C ICU/Emergency Workstation with Battery Medical Panel PC Documentation Workstation with Battery Medical Panel PC

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2020 BriteMED Product Catalog - 15

BriteMED COMPUTERIZED MEDICAL CART Location: Nursing Station The BriteMED® medical carts are in wide selection for medication, ICU and documentation purpose. To combine with the BriteMED® battery medical panel PC, it provides all-in-one advantage to become an intelligent workstation for nursing ward round, tele-diagnosis application and e-medication management. The special coating surface on the computerized medical cart facilitates sterilization for infection control required in the hospital environment. Benefits Computer Integration Durable Structure Easy Clean and Maintenance Effortless...

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