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BriteMED Medical Touch Monitor MMS-21CT


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BriteMED® 21" Medical MonitorTouch Function for Medical Modality Control Terminal * Stand is optional Versatile Connection Intuitive Touch Operation Multiple analog and digital inputs/outputs, including HDMI loop-through, allow flexible connections and image sharing simultaneously. The PCAP multi-touch screen enables easy operation even in latex gloves, facilitating procedure of image-viewing and information accessing. Accurate Image Viewing The special-coating glass not only ensures precise image viewing experience under strong OR lighting but also brings easy-to-clean advantage required for infection control. The DICOM and GAMMA compliance ensures precise color and grey scale reproduction, satisfying medical imaging requirement and assisting further diagnosis.

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MMS-21CASTVGA DVI Remote Audio-in DC-in Service Touch PowerMMS-21CHST Service Touch PowerMMS-21CAHST Ordering Information Part No. Britemed Technology Inc. 3F., No.306/306-3, Sec. 1, Datong Rd., Xizhi Dist., New Taipei City 22146, Taiwan TEL: +886-2-86919498 FAX: +886-2-86919468 Specifications may change without further notice. © 2021 BriteMED Technology Inc. All rights reserved. Celebrate Humanity With Technology

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