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Supported Labware Dimensions Weight Input Voltage/Current Input Pressure Device Noise Ambient Temperature Ambient Humidity Ambient Parameters Warranty fluid ' From Brooks life sciences FluidX™ FrostX2™ De-icing Instrument Brooks Life Science Systems introduces FrostX2™ Faster Frost Removal with the Power of Air! De-ice and dry your SBS-footprint labware 1 0x faster for improved readability and faster processing of your 2D barcode samples! @ Smarter - Removes ice/frost without damaging or degrading sample quality © Safer - Keeps sample frozen to ensure integrity and ensures freezers stay ice-free © Faster - de-icing process takes 10-15 seconds @ Flexible - handles any SBS rack format and freeze box sized sample racks @ Reliable - de-ices sample consistently across an entire sample rack De-ice and dry your SBS-footprint labware 10x faster than ever before to make sure your 2D barcodes are readable and your freezers stay ice-free. Any SBS format rack (including 24, 48, 96, 240, 384-format racks) 155 x 234 x 375 mm 5.3kg 24V / 1.5A 2.5 > 6 Bar Max 87.8 dbA (running at 6 Bar) 10 > 40oC < 70% rH no vibration, no direct sun light 12 months Automated Storage Systems Cryopreservation & Cold Chain Solutions Informatics & Technical Solutions Sample Storage, Lab Services & Transport Sample Consumables & Instruments Learn more - Contact us - © Copyright 2018 Brooks Automation, Inc. B221-17

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FrostX2 allows you to remove frost from SBS-footprint labware coming from freezers in order to be able to read all 2D barcodes on the sample storage tubes. FrostX2 - How it works Ensure the FrostX² is set up with air hose and mains power plugged in FrostX2 generates a high pressure vertical air blade which, when applied to the frost on the bottom of the tubes, removes it in a controlled and homogeneous way either by fast evaporation or mechanically in 10-15 seconds while the sample remains frozen. Place rack of tubes in the SBS rack insert at the top SBS-format rack insert with sensor to...

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