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Available in 3 models: Perception HD Perception HD AcoustiX Perception HD LF Perception™HD -Gain Clarity with the Perception HD Barcode Reader Range Now providing even greater clarity, the FluidX Perception HD range of compact whole rack, 2D & 1D barcode readers offer fast identification of racked, 2D barcoded sample storage tubes, without the need to remove tubes from racks. Using new high definition camera based imaging systems, Perception whole rack readers are ideal for more challenging applications and environments such as: integrating into robotic systems, cold environments or when speed and size of reader are important. FEATURES AND BENEFITS 0 Compatibility - Use with any 2D barcoded tubes in SBS format rack 0 Footprint - The smallest range of rack readers available 0 Speed - Decode a full rack of tubes in 0.75 seconds M High Definition - Reliably decode a variety of tubes 0 Avoid Waste - “No tube” feature ensures wasted data entries are avoided 0 Integration - Automation friendly design 0 Linear Barcode Reading - Available with integrated USB linear barcode reader 0 Read straight from the freezer - Integrated Active Cryoprotection® system INTELLICODE SOFTWARE All Perception HD readers are compatible with the newest version of the Intellicode software and benefit from: 0 Quick Setup - Pre-configured 0 Ease of Use - Automatic Rack Type and Orientation Detection 0 LIMS Compatibility - Advanced Export Functions 0 Speed - Ultra fast decoding 0 Traceability - Unique audit trail and rack ID functionality Automated Storage Systems Cryopreservation & Informatics & Sample Storage, Sample Consumables Cold Chain Solutions Technical Solutions Lab Services & Transport & Instruments Learn more - Contact us - © Copyright 2018 Brooks Automation, Inc. B232-18

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Part Number Camera Resolution 13 MegaPixel 13 MegaPixel 13 MegaPixel Power supply AC Adapter AC Adapter AC Adapter Linear Barcode Reader Decodable Formats Tube Formats Optional (70-4012) Multiple Position Linear Barcode Adaptor for USB Opticon Barcode Reader 2D Data Matrix®, QR Codes, ISO 16022, Square and Rectangular Format, ECC 200, 0 - 20 grid sizes, White on Black and Black on White, Numeric and Alphanumeric Almost all tubes in SBS format rack. Either 24, 48, 96, 240 or 384 formats Optional (70-4012) Multiple Position Linear Barcode Adaptor for USB Opticon...

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