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S' Brooks LIFE SCIENCE SYSTEMS Features and Benefits • Caps designed for automation: reliable and fast automatic cap removal and replacement • Caps proven down to -80°C: suitable for many biological samples as well as compound management • High cap holding force: excellent seal integrity • A range of 4 devices: • ACD96: Automatically cap and decap a whole tube rack • MCD8: Manually cap and decap a user selectable row of 8 tubes • MCA: Manually applies a cap mat to a rack of tubes and removes the webbing • MCD1: Manual cap and decap a single tube REMP® Tube Capping/Decapping life science systems The REMP® capping system allows multi-sip 96-way storage workflows at storage temperatures down to -80°C. The cap is designed specifically for automation; each cap is held securely in place until released by an automated or manual capper/decapper. Applications range from compound to DNA storage, both working and stock solutions as well as other biological liquids such as serum and other blood components. Easy Access to Samples Samples can be secured within a REMP 96 Storage Tube Rack, in both the 300ul and 900ul tube versions, by applying a REMP Capmat™96 with an MCA (Manual Capmat Applicator) or by using ready capped tubes. The REMP Capmat96 has a high ‘push out force' (for example compared to traditional cap mats) so that it remains securely in place during freeze/ thaw cycles or under some elevated internal gas pressures. It can be easily and repeatably removed and re-applied for access to samples without compromising itself, unlike other septum-caps.”

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life science systems ACD96 (Automated Capper/Decapper, 96 Position) Technical Information Performance: • Automatically uncaps and re-caps all tubes within a 96 Storage Tube Rack (STBR96) • Temporarily holds all caps that have been removed from an STBR96, while samples are accessed from uncapped tubes at another instrument • Instrument can be integrated into an automated system or used as a standalone device • Compact, lightweight and portable bench-top design Performance: • Cycle time: roughly 5s - 7s Operating Requirements: • Electrical: 120/230 VAC, 50/60Hz • Air: 6 bar [87 psi] -...

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remp® tube capping/decapping MCA (Manual Capmat Applicator) MCA (Manual Capmat Applicator) • Firmly applies the Capmat96 to tubes within a REMP 96 Storage Tube Rack while removing the webbing from the Capmat itself to create individually capped tubes. • Manual, lever-actuated operation is simple and easy-to-use. • Compact, lightweight and portable bench-top design. • Requires no electrical or air connections. Technical Specifications: • Dimensions: 383mm x 163mm x 166mm [15“ x 6.4“ x 6.5“] (LxWxH)) • Weight: 6.8kg [15lbs] MCD1 (Manual Capper/ Decapper, Single Position) • Pen-like instrument...

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life science systems remp® tube capping/decapping BLSS 0022 Capping/Decapping July 2015 email: © Copyright 2015 Brooks Automation, Inc. Brooks Automation, Brooks Life Science Systems and the Brooks logos are trademarks of Brooks Automation, Inc. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners

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