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unicCa SURFACE What is unicCa®? UnicCa® is a new surface treatment for BTI implants that consists of the chemical modification of the optima® surface with calcium ions. REMEMBER THAT... The optima® surface of BTI implants consists of a triple roughness depending on the area of the implant: neck, crests or roots, thus adapting to the different tissues and the biomechanical needs to achieve better osseointegration and to minimise the risks of peri-implantiti

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What are the results of the unicCa surface? unicCa® = optima® + Ca In addition to the excellent results of the optima® surface, the modification with calcium ions provides: 1. An electropositive, clean and active surface in a new container that maintains its superhydrophilic properties -> consequence: The surface immediately interacts with the growth factors [5,13,14]. 2. PROCOAGULANT Surface -> consequence: Fills the surface-implant gap. Instant stability [5–7]. 3. Adhesive and platelet-activating surface -> consequence: The surface becomes a growth factor emitter which reduces the...

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4. ANTIBACTERIAL STATIC surface: reduces the formation of microbial biofilms -> consequence: significant reduction of the risk of peri-implantitis. The additional use of Endoret® (PRGF®) increases and extends this effect. Normalised adhesion with respect to optima® neck=100% Bacterial adhesion in real conditions* optima® Shot blasting + Acid treatment UnicCa® UnicCa®+PRGF * Surfaces subjected to bacterial cultures under a flow of natural saliva from healthy donors during 24h . The different letters show statistically significant differences p<0.05 between the groups (ANOVA). 5. Osteogenic...

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unicCa SURFACE Why calcium? Calcium is a bioinorganic ion with decisive functions during all bone regeneration processes. [1–3]. How does the unicCa surface act? The calcium ions are released in two phases. The first phase takes place at the moment of implantation and lasts for a few minutes: coagulation on the implant surface, platelet adhesion, activation and release of growth factors [4–6]. The formation of the matrix in the implant-bone gap achieves instant stability of the implant [7–10]. In the second phase, the release lasts for several months and maintains a concentration of calcium...

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Human Technology BTI Biotechnology Institute San Antonio, 15 • 5° 01005 Vitoria-Gasteiz (Alava) • SPAIN 1730 Walton Road Suite 110 Note: consult your distributor for the availability of the product in the different markets. COVER IMAGE: Electron microscopy of the optima® surface of a BTI implant: the bone (marked in light red) fills in the porosity and increases the initial stability and osseointegration of the implant. Image width 150pm. DENTAL IMPLANTS BTI BiOTECHNOLOGY iNSTiTUTE SCAN THIS CODE with your mobile phone and you can access all of the...

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