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Advanced Detection Accurate Measurement Input sar-iple nunben?

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The Digital Bio ADAM series automatic cell counter measures total cell numbers and cell viabilities through cutting-edge detection technologies. Instead of tryphan blue staining which can lead an inaccurate data, ADAM utilizes sensitive fluorescence dye staining, ted optics and CCD detection technologies to make the celt analysis more accurate and reliable. Combined with a disposable microchip, the operation of Automatic Cell Counter is now extremely simple, easy and cost-effective. The need for routine calibration of the device is completely eliminated. Cleaning and warm-up time is no...

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Accuracy & Repeatability Correlation of total cell counting between hemocytometerand ADAM using CHO cells. Samples with low, medium and high concentrations of cells were counted with ADAM Sample Number Low Sample Mediume Sample High Sample n=10 n=10 n=10 Comparison with flow cytometry Comparison of the cell viabilities between ADAM and flow cytometry. SK-OV, HeLa and NCI-H23 cells were treated with 100,300 pM H2Q2 for 3 hours, then analyzed by ADAM and flow cytometry. Values are given as means ± SD of three experiments.

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- Power: AC100 ~ 240V, 50 ~ 60 Hz - Objective lens: 4 x - Light source: Green LED - CCD camera: B/W CCD - Filter: Exitation filter, Dichroic filter, Emission filter - Measuring range: 5 x 10 ~44 x 10 dlls/ml -Analysis time: 15 sec ~ 2 min/test - Loading sample vol.: 20 pL (minimum)/test - Measuring vol.: 8 pL/test - Weight : 9Kg - Size (WxLxH) : 220 x 375 x 250 mm - Key pad - External video monitor Contents & Accessories Devices ADAM-MC AD2K-200 AD4K-200 ADR-1000 Main device with Starter Kit Accuchip 2x Kit 2 channel Accuchip with Accustain solution (Max. 400 tests/kit) Accuchip 4x Kit 4...

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