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Manufacturer: NIPPON Genetics EUROPE GmbH Gel Documentation Systems Still destroying your DNA with UV-light?

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Detection of nucleic acids is mainly performed using light in the UV-range. The problem is that DNA absorbs light in the UVspectrum. The consequences are formation of DNA modifications, leading to the degradation of DNA. UV-light highly damage DNA and is also dangerous for the user. Instead of using a single wavelength, the Blue/Green LED technology use a combination of wavelengths in a spectrum of light of 470 nm to 520 nm. This Blue/Green light is able to excite all common red and green DNA dyes with a very high intensity. The very high intensity can be achieved by the accumulated energy...

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Ethidium bromide UV-Light: Good Detection, insecure signal UV-light use just a single wavelength for the visualization of DNA. Red and green DNA dyes, like ethidium bromide or the MIDORIGreen dyes have usually a good emission in the UV-light spectra. The results are DNA bands with a sufficient intensity. However, UV-light is dangerous for the user and for the DNA. Just 30 sec of UV-light exposure significantly reduces the cloning efficiency and has consequences for other downstream applications. For this reason, the visualization of DNA using UV-light is not the state-of-the-art-method...

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Red DNA dyes White Light Imaging High Resolution Camera Parfocal Lens Software included Networkable Stand-Alone System Large illuminated Area Quantification of DNA and RNA CE Certification Operation also possible without Computer

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“Avoiding UV-caused mutations during purification was crucial for the decision to switch to Blue/Green LEDs. Works perfectly in combination with MIDORI but also EtBr signals are as good as using UV light. Non-toxic radiation to eyes and skin - easy to handle, very nice. Dr. Sturm Applied Biosciences, KIT, Karlsruhe, Germany SYBR® Safe MIDORIGreen Xtra Detection of all common DNA Dyes The Blue/Green LED technology leads to fantastic intensities of DNA bands with all common DNA dyes, such as GelRed®, SYBR® and the MIDORIGreen

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Brochure - Gel Imaging Systems - 6

Key Features ©Best image quality by sensitive CCD-Camera ^ Stand-alone System ©Easy-to-use imaging Software controlled with a 10.4" Touchscreen display White LED light for documentation of protein gels Touchscreen Operation The FastGene® FAS-V is easily controlled by a gorgeous, colour 10.4" touchscreen display. All three light sources can be activated and deactivated by the touchscreen. Additionally, the exposure time and gain can be easily adjusted. The FAS-V system will take up to six pictures, simultaneously, using different exposure times. The user can then view and choose which one to...

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2 MPixel UXGA CCD Sensor Movable Amber Filter High-end Japanese CCD-sensor able to detect even the lowest light signal 10.4" Touchscreen Display The imaging software takes 6 shots simultaneously, with different exposure times and includes an image editor White LED Room Light ••• White LED Transilluminator ame aftecN > BGled Transilluminator with Safe Light The Blue/Green LED technology is able to excite red and green DNA dyes, e.g. MIDORIGreen, SYBR® & EtBr

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Brochure - Gel Imaging Systems - 8

Key Features Very sensitive 24 MPixel Scientific Grade Camera Image Software with comprehensive features for Image acquisition Fully Networkable when connected to a PC Imaging Software Control in real time all settings of the camera with the NIPPON Genetics Camera Studio software: Aperture, exposure time, sensitivity and focus. Mouse-driven optimization makes image optimization a click away! Images are saved as TIFF and JPEG format, and can printed directly by a printer connected to your PC. White LED plate for the Documentation of Protein Gels Touch the Revolution The FastGene® FAS-Digi...

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Brochure - Gel Imaging Systems - 9

FAS-Digi PRO BGled Transilluminator with Safe Light Whilte LED light optiona

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Key Features Smallest Stand-alone Gel Doc System High Resolution Camera with 9 MPixel Documentation of Agarose Gels, Protein Gels, Membranes and Petri Dishes Easy-to-use Software One Imaging System even more Applications The Smallest Imaging System with Blue/Green LED The FAS GelPic comes with a compact footprint combined with the advantages of the Blue/Green LED technology. This means that even the detection of red DNA dyes, as well as green dyes is possible. Easy Connection to a Monitor or PC The FAS GelPic can be directly connected to an external monitor (via VGA). A USB-switch enables...

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Brochure - Gel Imaging Systems - 11

Upper Cover Lid White Backlight Blue/Green & White Light selection Switch BGXId Transilluminator with Safe Light Technical Specifications Imaging Capturing Unit General Info Catalog number FAS GelPic NGFG10

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Key Features Smallest Gel Documentation System Use any Phone or Tablet with a Camera Blue/Green LED Illuminator with 10 x 10 cm The Perfect Personal Illuminator Its very small footprint and light weight makes the FAS-Nano perfect as a personal illuminator. An array, of Blue/Green LEDs situated around the periphery of the glass plate provide excitation light for both red- and green–emitting fluorescence dyes without damaging your DNA. Compatible for all common DNA stains Image Gels with your Phone The FastGene® FAS-Nano LED system is the most compact gel illumination system on the market....

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Smart device Holder Amber Filter Filter Holder The Blue/Green LED technology is able to excite all red and green DNA dyes. Technical Specifications Lighting Catalog number FAS-Nano NGFG14

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Key Features © Stop destroying your DNA ^ Safe Blue/Green LED Light © ^ Huge Illuminated area Excitation of all common Green and Red DNA dyes Say Goodbye to UV-Light The Blue/Green LED Transilluminators enables a safe detection of DNA and RNA in agarose gels and are compatible for all common green and red DNA dyes. Our Blue LED Transilluminators enables also a safe detection of nucleic acids. Although having the advantage of being a safe light source, Blue LEDs leads to poor results on red DNA dyes. Blue/Green LED and Blue LED light have a superb efficiency and a huge average life...

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