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GeneTouch™ and GenePro™ - 1

Capacity 96x 0.2ml tubes (low profile and standard) or 1x 96-well microplate Dual 48x 0.2 ml tubes (low profile or standard) 384-well microplate 4x slides Combi 48x 0.2 ml tubes and 30x 0.5 ml tubes Temperature Range 4°C - 99°C Thermal Gradient Yes (96- and 384-well blocks only) Gradient Temp Range 1°C - 30°C Heated Lid Yes, Fully Adjustable Temperature Control Mode Block or Sample Communication Ports RS232, USB(Flash), LAN (control up to 30 systems) 320x240 LCD (GenePro), 6.5" 260K-Color Touchscreen Display (GeneTouch) Programs >100 individual programs Versatile, Reliable Dual Blocks ^ Starting at ITEM # DESCRIPTION BTC33BAS GeneTouch Thermal Cycler — Chassis w/ 2-year Warranty BTC33096 GeneTouch — 96-well Gradient Block BTC33384 GeneTouch — 384-well Gradient Block BTC33448 GeneTouch — 48 Dual Block BTC33348 GeneTouch — 30/ 48 Combi Block GENPWAR31 1 Year Extended Warranty — GeneTouch System BTC03BAS GenePro Thermal Cycler — Chassis w/ 2-year Warranty Please note that only GenePro blocks are compatible with the GenePro base What More Could You Ask For? BTC03096 GenePro — 96-well Gradient Block $1,195 BTC0384 GenePro — 384-well Gradient Block $1,495 BTC03448 GenePro — 48 Dual Block $1,495 GENPWAR01 1 Year Extended Warranty — GenePro System $ 595 Bulldog Bio, Inc. One New Hampshire Ave, Suite 125 Phone: 603-570-4248

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GeneTouch™ and GenePro™ - 2

GeneTouch™ and GenePro™ Interchangeable Thermal Cyclers Flexible and affordable Research often changes over the course of several years, requiring new organisms, new assays and new analysis techniques. Investing in a PCR machine with maximum flexibility can make adapting to these changes easier. With the GenePro Interchangeable Thermal Cycling System, upgrading vessel type and thermal functionality is simple and inexpensive. A complete system never costs more than $5,000 and additional blocks never more than $1,500. It’s easy to start with our most popular block, the Dual-48, allowing the...

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