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Compresses for cold and heat therapy*

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Pain Relief at Home THERMOFORM Softy Pack 12 x 15 cm # 1000 15 x 24 cm # 1001 24 x 30 cm # 1002 Thermoform Softy-Pack The cold / warm compress made of high-quality, tough nylon fabric. Durable, re-usable, easy to care for. To use as a cold compress, cool in freezer (up to –20 °C). To use as a warm compress, heat in hot water. Cold  /  Warm Compresses for pain relief Thermoform cold / warm The multi-use compress made of transparent PA / PE plastic. Re-usable. To use as a cold compress, cool in the freezer. To use as a warm compress, heat in hot water. THERMOFORM hot water bottles for the...

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Professional heat therapy High resistance to wear and tear Hygienic (easy to clean) High resistance to oils and solvents Easy to use THERMOFORM Paraffin Compresses facilitate practical, hygienic and affordable heat therapy in professional practice or Compresses for heat therapy in the patient's home. A high-quality, extremely flexible plastic material is used in all THERMOFORM Paraffin Compresses. This allows a safe, convenient and comfortable use of the products. Paraffin has a unique, outstanding heating effect. The specific melting point of paraffin ensures a particularly consistent heat...

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Cold therapy products for clinic THERMOFORM Ice Compresses were developed for treatment in cases in which cold therapy is indicated. The durable, re-usable compress 5 Ice Compresses for cold therapy is filled with a special gel that stores cold for an extremely long period and ensures Safety ensured by double layers of plastic a precisely dosed emission of cold. Special gel facilitates accurately dosed In addition, the Thermoform Ice Compresses remain cold emission flexible up to –20° C, which makes handling easier Flexible up to -20° C and facilitates optimal adaptation to the body parts...

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In many cases chemotherapies used in the treatment of malignant tumors and metastases have an adverse side effect: IceCap to patients lose all their hair. For women in particular, this causes psychological stress above and beyond that of the illness itself. Targeted hypothermia of the scalp and the resulting ischemia, caused by the contraction of the capillaries supplying the scalp with blood, reduces the effect of the medications applied in this area to a minimum. In most cases, hypothermic treatment with the THERMOFORM IceCap is successful. The THERMOFORM IceCaps are ideally adapted to...

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Since 1961, B. u. W. Schmidt GmbH in Garbsen near Hanover has been producing precision products made of high-frequency welded flat foils for the health and emergency services. Perfect quality and workmanship, easy handling and robust materials are responsible Plastic products for the health and emergency services. for the uncompromising safety of our products. B. u. W. Schmidt GmbH is certified to EN ISO 9001:2000 and EN ISO 13485:2000. All articles comply with the Law on Medicinal Products and bear the CE symbol. If you cannot find articles or dimensions you need in this brochure, please...

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