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VACUFORM 2.0 Instruction for Use

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THE SURGICAL BEDDING CONCEPT – A NEW GENERATION Made of a refined and improved polyurethane foil · new coloure Please read the instruction of use completely before use the Vacuform 2.0. Always store the instruction of use near the using area. This manual will acquaint you step by step with the handling of the vacuum mattress for surgical purposes. The illustrations which are presented here are deliberately limited to currently common practice techniques and do not claim to be exhaustive with regards to other doctrines or medical points of view. Application The Vacuform 2.0 is a patient-vacuum-storage-system in the OP-, X-ray-, CT and MRT-area for the short time bedding (24 hours, definition DIN EN ISO 10993-1). The large produkt line with a lot of different sizes and forms covers nearly the whole spectrum of the patient-bedding in the internal clinical area. Description Vacuform 2.0 is made of a refind polyurethane foil. The new foil is biokompatible and free of phthalates (plasticizer), latex and PVC. The innovative MicroSpace filling ensures a perfect pressure release that optimized the essential micro circulation of the blood. An optimal edition-pressure-distribution is gained by adjusting at the patient-body. This is particularly important during time-consuming operations or with patients who are older and in poor condition. The danger of pressure sore is clearly reduced. The patient can be immobilized quickly and securely in any desired position. Even the most extreme tilting of the surgery table does not change the defined position of the patient. Additional Vacuform 2.0 can be used for internal clinical transports in defined position or as a plaster bed. Kunststofferzeugnisse für das Kranken- und Rettungswesen B.u.W. Schmidt GmbH · Porschestraße 29 · D-30827 Garbsen · Tel. +49 (0) 5131 / 6008 Fax +49 (0) 5131 / 9 63 93 · E-Mail: · 03_Vacuform 2.0_engl_011213.docx

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Exemplary indikations · Side position · Semi-lateral position · Supine position · Seated / half-seated position · Screw position · Lithotomy position · Laparoscopic positions · Interclinical transport · Plaster bed Technical data Filling: Polystyrene -Micropearls 35 g/l · Mantle: Polyurethane-Foil, biocompatible, magenta · Measurement and use-area of the corresponding size and form please borrow from the pamphlet or the price list. Valve function Vacuform 2.0 is equipped with a one-piece valve which can be easily operated with one hand due to its small size and it is permeable to X-rays and...

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Preparation of the vacuum mattress: Put no cloth between operation table and mattress! Extend the vacuum mattress so that the filling-material is equally distributed. Suck the vacuum mattress a little bit, so that it is form-stable. Control of the vacuum mattress on possible defects (damage of the foil / leaky valve). Use the VACUFORM lay-on cloth or a cloth of similar material. The patient-positioning: Put the patient on the vacuum mattress. Let some air into the vacuum mattress so that the patient sinks in a little bit, but the mattress still remains form-stable. Bring the patient in the...

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Liability for material defects We achieve a cost-free rectification of defects or a cost-free substitute for material or manufacturemistakes (material defects) from date of production within 24 months. Damages are not implied, that are originated through mechanical (e.g. Pricks) or chemical (e.g. sharp disinfectant) influences during the use or the storage. With a frequent application and/or a commonly evacuation (vacuum), the volume of the fillingmaterial can decrease in the course of the time. This is a normal abrasion, that is not implied by the guarantee. We are not liable for direct or...

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