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2.0 the surgical bedding concept – a new generation A new definition of patient comfort – the feeling of weightlessness in surgery

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m a de of a r efined and impr ov ed p u r * foil – new colour The product benefits of Vacuform® 2.0 surgical mattresses Optimized pressure relief (pressure test of ETH-HEMPA**) Free of latex, PVC and softening agents (biocompatible) 100% suitable for X-ray, MRI and CT use Image converter application possible during surgery In color-therapy, the color magenta next to green is described: “Having a general harmonizing effect on body and soul” Vacuform ®  2.0 is provided with a new technology of a special coated PUR foil on the bottom side and makes them slipproof. The coating of the upper side...

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Decubitus prophilaxis in the operating theatre Particularly during time-consuming operations or with patients who are older and in poor condition, there is a risk of pressure points leading to acute decubital ulcers* and paresis (paralysis from nerve damage). The individual, ergonomic body adaptation of Vacuform® 2.0 surgical mattresses effectively prevents such damage. The support pressure of the patient is optimally distributed over the whole body and thus reduced to a minimum. The micro­circulation needed by the skin is unaffected. The patient has a noticeable feeling of comfort, a...

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P r oduct safety and indiv iduality “ m ade in G er many ” Cost reduction with Vacuform® 2.0 Prevention of sequelae Saves additional materials Long reusability Covers a wide range of surgeries Intra-operative illumination Vacuform ® 2.0 contributes to efficiency and leads to considerable cost reduction through fast, simple handling, prevention of sequelae such as decubitus and paresis, saving of additional materials, fast cleaning and long reusability even with constant use. The University Hospital Inselspital in Berne regarding the experience with Vacuform®  surgical mattresses: “The many...

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prove n it s wo r t h i n t h o u s ends of appl ic at ion s The Vacuform® 2.0 surgical hood This specially developed hood encloses the entire head and fits the head ideally using the Vacuform ® 2.0 principle. The valve for evacuating the air is on the outer left side of the hood; there is an opening on the outer right side which enables styrofoam balls to be added or removed to obtain an ideal fit. The hood can be used to immobilize the patient’s head during computer tomography (CT), angiography, etc., because it is permeable to X-rays. For use in radiology, we offer a special plastic...

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o p timised vacuum mattr ess fr om t h e Vacufor m ®  2.0 ser ies Vacuform® 2.0 Siliplus – the further optimised vacuum mattress Once more modified pressure release Accurately fitting and efficient Especially for long term operations Vacuform ® 2.0 Siliplus is a new, further optimised vacuum mattress from the Vacuform® 2.0 series. A system that is essential in the Operation Theatre for many years. with a patient positioning with Vacuform ®  2.0 mattresses or Vacuform ® 2.0 cushions. This are mainly the security of the patient on the OP table also with extreme table inclinations, cost...

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Vacuum hand pumps In case there is no vacuum system in the operating room, we offer a selection of easy-to-use vacuum hand pumps for all Vacuform® 2.0 products: Plastic vacuum pump Length 55 cm # 5310 Metal vacuum pump with foot stand Length 60 cm # 5320 Plastic vacuum pump Length 32 cm # 5340 Plastic vacuum pump with non-magnetic brass rod Length 32 cm # 5350 Repair set for easy fixing of small tears and holes in all Vacuform® 2.0 products. # 34 90 122 Non-slip sheeting prevents slippage of the surgical mattress in extreme positions, such as during laparoscopic sigma resections. The...

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Plastic products for health and emergency services B. u. W. Schmidt GmbH Porschestraße 29 D-30827 Garbsen Phone: E-mail: Internet: Since 1961, B. u. W. Schmidt GmbH in Garbsen near Hanover has produced precision products made of high-frequency welded flat sheets for the health and emergency services sector. Faultless quality and workmanship, easy handling and rugged materials are the basis for the uncompromising safety of our products. Our service ensures short delivery times and fast repairs in our factory. The quality management system of B.u.W....

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