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DUMAThERM® – Efficient, rapid nitrogen determination using the DUMAS method AUTOMATED PROTEIN ANALYSIS Accurate results to a threshold of 0.003 mg N for solid and liquid samples up to 1 g Very low operating costs, consumables with long service life Closed system – shut the door and leave it to wor

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dumatherm® -autOmated PrOteIN aNaLYSIS “Reliable results in 3 minutes: nitrogen analysis has never been quicker, more precise and more costeffective.” dumatherm® -autOmated PrOteIN aNaLYSIS Scan the QR code and watch our DUMATHERM® video. RAPID PROTEIN ANALYSIS A particularly high degree of precision is required when determining the protein content of foods and animal feeds. One of the standard techniques used for this purpose is the Dumas method. This involves combustion of the sample material at high temperatures and, in the presence of a metallic copper surface, reduction of the nitrogen...

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dumatherm® -autOmated PrOteIN aNaLYSIS dumatherm® -autOmated PrOteIN aNaLYSIS “The DUMAThERM® – durable, reliable, resource-saving precision technology by C. gerhardt.” EffICIENT TEChNOLOgY AUTOMATED SAMPLE INPUT The combustion gases are analysed directly via a thermal conductivity detector. This significantly shortens the analysis process and the reference result is available in just three minutes. Helium technology and total gas analysis mean that even small samples with low nitrogen content can be accurately analysed. In addition, the sample sizes required reduce gas and energy...

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dumatherm® -autOmated PrOteIN aNaLYSIS dumatherm® -autOmated PrOteIN aNaLYSIS ThE DUMAThERM® MANAgER The highly sophisticated control software runs the entire analysis process independently. In the event of irregularities, it automatically interrupts the process without laboratory personnel needing to be present. The DUMATHERM® is entirely operated and monitored via the user-friendly software DUMATHERM® Manager. All data for analysis is entered via a PC or LIMS connection. The software automatically calculates the analysis parameters, such as gas dosage or combustion times, required for the...

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dumatherm® -autOmated PrOteIN aNaLYSIS dumatherm® -autOmated PrOteIN aNaLYSIS “The DUMAThERM® is also eminently suitable for the analysis of liquids, such as milk and dairy products, beer and soya sauce.” WIDE RANgE Of ACCESSORIES To help you operate your DUMAThERM®, we can supply the DumaSet® consumables package and other service accessories. These enable you to both maintain the device and have complete control of costs over the long term. DUMASET® Affordable set of consumables for the analysis of 1000 solid samples, comprising: Quartz reactor tube, combustion reactor, ash insert...

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dumatherm® -autOmated PrOteIN aNaLYSIS dumatherm® -autOmated PrOteIN aNaLYSIS TEChNICAL DATA Sample size Sample capacity SERVICE AND MAINTENANCE C. Gerhardt products are high quality products for routine laboratory use. We employ only high quality, durable materials in order to ensure maximum functionality and reliability. Laboratory apparatus is subject to high levels of use. Consumables, heat and high sample throughput leave their mark on any item of equipment. Hoses, seals and glass components must be regularly checked, cleaned and if necessary replaced. Analysis time 3 – 5 min,...

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C. gerhardt – Qualität made in germany AUTOMATINg STANDARD ANALYSES Completely automated laboratory analysis systems from C. Gerhardt are highly developed special equipment. They automate recurring analysis processes in accordance with national and international standards and norms. They continuously provide precise and reproducible analysis results quickly, at low cost, economically and highly efficiently. An excerpt from our product portfolio HYDROTHERM – automatic acid hydrolysis system for fat determination according to Weibull-Stoldt. When combined with SOXTHERM®, HYDROTHERM is an...

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