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The ideal Kjeldahl system for any need

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Efficient analysis with KJELDATHERM®, TURBOTHERM andVAPODEST® Method management Fish TVB-N Meat / Meat TVB-N SAFE FLEXIBLE EFFICIENT TRANSPARENT Reliable results and Comprehensive Robust system and See what's happening. safe operation accessories for all long service life Visible analysis, sample types and traceable processes

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PREMIUM KJELDAHL SYSTEMS PREMIUM KJELDAHL SYSTEMS “n 1883, Johan Kjeldahl presented his analytical method for I determining nitrogen in organic substances to the public for the first time. As early as 1884, C. Gerhardt began building and selling the first digestion and distillation equipment using the Kjeldahl method.” NITROGEN AND PROTEIN ANALYSIS ACCORDING TO KJELDAHL A high degree of precision and universality make the Kjeldahl method the world’s leading standard method for determining the nitrogen content in food and feedstuffs as well as in soil and water samples. It can be used...

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PREMIUM KJELDAHL SYSTEMS PREMIUM KJELDAHL SYSTEMS STEAM DISTILLATION SYSTEMS MAXIMUM ANALYSIS QUALITY As soon as you switch on your VAPODEST®, it runs some self-diagnostic checks, including checking the steam generator water level, and heats up, giving you time for other tasks. The system continuously moni­ tors the processes and notifies you when it is ready to use. Once ready, all you have to do is insert the sample tube and press start and the selected method is run automatically. Your presence is then no longer required until it is time to change the sample. THANKS TO AUTOMATION,...

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PREMIUM KJELDAHL SYSTEMS PREMIUM KJELDAHL SYSTEMS EFFICIENT AND POWERFUL PREMIUM QUALITY THAT PAYS OFF TRANSPARENT PROCESS REPRODUCIBLE AND TRACEABLE Good news for accredited laboratories: C. Gerhardt has developed smart software that formats data from relevant VAPODEST® equipment, methods and samples to create documents that comply with ISO 17025. Laboratories accredited in accordance with DIN EN ISO/IEC ISO 17025 have to meet strict requirements: transparent handling of data, data completeness and traceability of measurement results must be ensured and documented precisely. With...

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PREMIUM KJELDAHL SYSTEMS PREMIUM KJELDAHL SYSTEMS KJELDAHL ANALYSIS IN LINE WITH STANDARDS C. Gerhardt analysis systems fulfil, as a minimum, the accuracy criteria specified for recovery and repeatability by official national and international standards. Here are a few examples: ISO 937 Meat and meat products (Reference method) OAC 928.08/981.10 Meat A COMPREHENSIVE RANGE OF ACCESSORIES In addition to our analysis equipment, we offer a wide range of accessories and con­ sumables. These were specifically developed and tested for use with our equipment and help ensure excellent analysis...

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PREMIUM KJELDAHL SYSTEMS PREMIUM KJELDAHL SYSTEMS SERVICE AND MAINTENANCE THE NEXT GENERATION C. Gerhardt products are quality products for daily routine operation in the labora­ tory. We only use high quality materials with long service lives to provide you with maximum functionality and reliability. COMPARISON OF THE VAPODEST® SYSTEMS Type Laboratory equipment is exposed to high load. Acid fumes, heat and high sample throughput leave traces on every device. As a result, hoses, seals, pumps and glass parts have to be checked and cleaned at regular intervals and replaced, if necessary. VAP...

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C. Gerhardt – Quality made in Germany AUTOMATING STANDARD ANALYSES C. Gerhardt have developed highly specialised equipment for the com­ plete automation of certain analyses. They automate recurring analysis processes in accordance with national and international standards and norms. They continuously provide precise and reproducible analysis re­ sults quickly, at low cost, economically and highly efficiently. An excerpt from our product portfolio COMPLETELY AUTOMATIC HYDROLYSIS HYDROTHERM – automatic acid hydrolysis system for fat determination accord­ng to Weibull-Stoldt. When combined i...

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