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Analytical Systems SPECIAL DIGESTION Block digestion units for Trace Metal and COD determination C. Gerhardt has redeveloped the globally successful SMA and COD block digestion units. Trace Metal (TM) Heating block systems for digestion with aqua regia (nitrohydrochloric acid) in order to determine the acid-soluble proportion of metals in sewage sludges, sediments and soils, e.g. in accordance with DIN 38414 (German standard method). Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) Heating block systems for determining the chemical oxygen demand. C. Gerhardt offers TM and COD digestion units in two variants: with or without lift function. PRECISE TEMPERATURE CONTROLLER    CONVENIENCE FUNCTIONS + Control accuracy +/- 0.5% + 99 programs with max. 40 heating stages can be programmed + 30 predefined methods + Variable heating speeds... HIGH QUALITY COMPONENTS + Aluminium digestion block with optimum energy utilisation and effective all-round insulation + Enamelled, acid-resistant surface + Sample tubes and condenser made of high quality Duran® glass + Insert racks with special coating + Housing is extra corrosion-protected... SAFETY FEATURES + Thermally insulated handles + Drip tray for collecting acid residue + Safety temperatures can be set + Acoustic and visual error warnings + Exhaust equipment switches on automatically + Overheating protection... + Pre-heating function for warming up the digestion block + Versions type CSB-L and SMA-L have programmable lift function + External cooling water valve (optional) for controlling the cooling water + Insert racks with numbered sample positions + Standardised conditions for digestion + USB port ACCREDITED LABORATORIES + Password protection + User levels with access rights + Saves up to 30 digestion processes with temperatures, date and timestamp + Data export for LIMS + Supports the requirements of ISO 17025, GLP etc.

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RECOMMENDED ACCESSORIES TURBOSOG Compact scrubber system for extraction and neutralisation of aggressive acid fumes. Cooling water valve The optional cooling water valve makes it possible to automatically start and control the cooling water function (only version with lift function). OVERVIEW OF THE MODELS TM digestion units Block digestion unit with programmable controller unit, including data management and pre-heat function. Delivered together with all glass parts, trace metal condensation traps and insert racks. Dimensions (W/D/H11) 515/483/990 mm 515/483/990 mm 515/483/990 mm Weight...

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