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Bonna VF212

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MIESEN AMBULANCE VF-212 CONVERSION ACCORDING TO DIN EN 1789 MIESEN AMBULANCE BASED ON VF-212 L E-250 CDI Blue Efficiency (150kW / 204 PS) C. Miesen GmbH & Co. KG Siebengebirgsblick 28 53343 Wachtberg Germany Tel.: +49 228 54 009 – 0 Fax.: +49 228 54 009 – 22 Email: Please visit our website

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MIESEN AMBULANCE Based on the extended E-C'lass chassis (model VF-212) we created a brand new ambulance. Our specialists developed an innovative and pioneering car concept, following the proven and successful BONNA-series, which has I yd the way for decades. Many hours of hard work, creiti ve thinking and expert knowledge of our engineers helped us to construct the safest and most convenient ambulance ever. For the new BONNA we took into consideration a lot of remarkable ideas, technical improvements and practical experience of our customers . We arc proud of the result and present you the...

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MIESEN AMBULANCE WINDOW CONCEPT The window concepì is guided by the idea of a well-lit patient's compartment. Optimal sight for patient and attendant is always guaranteed. We have thought about windows made of light polycarbonate, but due to security reasons we preferred windows made of security glass. Field trials revealed that security glass is more durable and less scratch-sensitive. Additionally, polycarbonate intends to get brittle and opaque in the course of time. MODERN LED-TECHNOLOGV Equipped with modern LED-technology, the integrated emergency lights provide optimum vi.sibleness....

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MIESEN AMBULANCE INTERIOR ACCESSOIRES The planning of the rear area occurred under inclusion of experienced customers. Thus, the development of the patient's compartment was tuned taking into account the newest ergonomie knowledge optimally lo the needs of the sick person's transport Also in the new BONNA VF-212 we rely, a with all other CMIESEN ambulances, on o GRP-interior lining concept We assure you a nearly seamless wall and roof covering in the patient's compartment, what optimizes the <:le;inin<; and disin[eclm<;. Widespread GRP-form parts are stuck together to an unity and guarantee...

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MIESEN AMBULANCE VF-212 PARTITION WALL The BONNA VF-212 presents itself as a thought-out ambulance. Besides the attendant an additional passenger can find place on the folding seat at the partition wall. The spacious storage compartment above the driver's cabin admits the accommodation of large medical equipment. Above the storage compartment adjustable air outlet nozzles ensure heating and air conditioning. An always pleasantly tempered patient’s compartment is guaranteed. To always have a firm footing for the attendant a stable and attractive handrail has been integrated into the ceiling....

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MIESEN AMBULANCE Use of space and practical storage of the equipment are mandatory for the suitability of a rescue vehicle in In this regard, the BONNA VF-212 is pointing the way ahead in modern ambulance manufacturing, OXYGEN SYSTEM OPERATION OF ELECTRICAL LOADS The central control and monitoring unit of the patient's compartment is of exemplary clarity. Based on the latest CAN-Bus technology we designed a reliable and intuitive keypad. Appropriate equipment provided, the unit lets you select the room temperature, the lighting adapted to the requirements or give a visual a od mutilili;...

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MIESEN AMBULANCE YOUR BENEFITS AT A GLANCE: ❖ Easy access and exit is assured, also a back-saving loading and unloading ❖ Sound insulated cab with optimized cruise comfort Í* Optimal suspension performance lor huth patients and attendants •I* 1.9Ü m standing height insidi.' the patient's compartment for extra comfort The vehicle is 200mm wider and 80mm longer than its predecessor. POWERFUL PERFORMANCE, VERY MODEST IN COST An integrated emergency libili solution based on energy-efficient LED technology ensures optimum aerodynamics, which contributes to the economy due to the associated fuel...

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MIESEN AMBULANCE VF-212 DYNAMIC CRASH TEST As a leading manufacturer of ambulances, it is a primary goal for C.MIESEN to develop standardized and reliable vehicles for our demanding customers. The sustainable safety of our products is our priority. Therefore, our BONNA VF-212 was examined by the independent French testing laboratory UTAC in accordance with the strict safety standard DIN EN 1789. For this purpose, the bodyshell of the elongated chassis was tested in a series of dynamic crash tests, referring to the current requirements of DIN EN 1789:2010. All standard weights and...

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MIESEN AMBULANCE VF-212 In order to guarantee you a high degree of reliability and safety over the years, our development team put the vehicle and its concept to the acid test. RESISTANT TO TWISTING During the test phase the VF-212 showed superior distortion characteristics and surprised with a superb stiffness. TORSIONAL STRENGTH- AND KERB TEST Even a kerb test should not be missed. For this purpose the vehicle is driven on a kerb with three wheels. It must have all doors and flaps open and close smoothly. DOOR- AND HATCH-TEST In experiments the opening and closing of doors and hatches was...

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MIESEN AMBULANCE VF-212 TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS E250 CDI Blue Efficiency Motor Numer of cylinders Cylinder capacity Nominal capacity Performance Acceleration 0 – 100 km/h Max. speed Fuel Gear Exhaust emission standard Wheelbase Turning circle Tires OM 651 4 2.143 cm³ 150 kW (204 HP) 204 CV / 500 Nm 9,1 seconds 210 km/h Diesel Standard 7-gear automatic transmission EURO5 3735 mm 13,70 m 245 / 45 R 17 2.270 mm VEHICLE DIMENSIONS 1.930 mm 3.735 mm 5.800 mm C. Miesen GmbH & Co. KG >>> The new BONNA VF-212 <<< Page 9

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MIESEN AMBULANCE VF-212 If you are interested in this product or have any questions, please contact our sales team. C. Miesen GmbH & Co. KG Siebengebirgsblick 28 D – 53343 Wachtberg Tel.: Fax.: +49 228 54 009 – 0 +49 228 54 009 – 22 Email: *Information in this brochure: After printing of this brochure, specifications may have changed. Structural or design changes or differences in details of dimensions, weights and colors may occur and are up to the manufacturer, provided that changes or modifications in the interest of the seller are reasonably and appropriate to the buyer....

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