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MB Vito Ambulance Brochure - 1

based on Daimler Vito

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MB Vito Ambulance Brochure - 2

based on Daimler Vito Frontal view of the MB Vito: The MIESEN ambulances on basis of MB Vito can be arranged alternatively with conventional warning ba or as shown on the picture with our integra signaling devices on LED basis. As a result of the integrated special signali devices and the aerodynamic Design arises an optimized CW-value( which for the economy of your vehicle, by which associated fuel economy contributes. Likewise wind noises are reduced clearly, which leads to a higher travelling comfort. Tail view of the MB Vito: GRP console over rear of the vehicle with integrated LED...

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MB Vito Ambulance Brochure - 3

based on Daimler Vito Viewofthe sid< The partition was to the rear shifted around approx. 100 mm, in order to increase the reservoirs in the form of cabinet modules. Our MIESEN stretcher admission is manufactured made of high-grade steel. For minimizing the invitation height the stretcher mechanism can be pulled out to the rear. As the further reservoir a to the rear withdrawable drawer is underneath the sliding stage The head area of the stretcher can further be placed downward (shock position).

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MB Vito Ambulance Brochure - 4

based on Daimler Vito aí natural for js, as the manufacturing according to trie strict safety standard DIN EN 17E9. Owing to our high flexibility we manufacture outpatient clinic vehicles in close co-operation with the customer and thus cut to the Email: inTo@miesen.de

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