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Asisto - 2

Tables and cupboards for every office. Contemporary office furniture needs to satisfy an extremely wide range of requirements: they need to be future-proof, functional, variable, flexible, modern, have a linear design – and of course they must be attractive both in terms of look and price. Asisto by C+ P is a leading product in all of these areas, and also offers you added value that is “as strong as steel” and that you can only get from C+ P: the Asisto cupboards with their innovative steel carcass feature convincing technology and a winning design. Asisto is the intelligent integral range...

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Asisto - 4

Clever Height-adjustable, mobile occasional tables promote a sit/stand dynamic perfect for efficient, brief meetings.

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Asisto - 6

The Asisto table range gives you a wide freedom of choice thanks to various options in the height adjustment. And with the practical occasional table, you can upgrade your Asisto to a sit/stand workstation with two work surfaces. Your choice of the right frame design is just as free: round- or square-tube? Your personal taste is all that matters! Level adjustment: As a standard feature, all the table frames possess adjusting screws with plastic gliders for simple level adjustment. Light and transparent: It is true of both the round- and square-tube models: the floating look of the table is...

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Asisto - 7

Mobile freedom: The casters integrated in the base plate provide ideal leg room. With them, you can place the occasional table in the right position in a flash. Simple adjustment: Thanks to the manual release for the pneumatic spring directly under the table, you can quickly reach the desired height (685 – 1100 mm).

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Asisto - 8

More than just a table. The Asisto table system has many “intrinsic values” and useful accessories which will help you to master all the tasks of modern office life in a relaxed way. Whether it is the height adjustment, the PC integration, the cable routing or cable provision: with Asisto, you are perfectly equipped for all the challenges that may face your office today and tomorrow. The beauty of it is that you can also retrofit many of the options at a later date. Round-tube frame Ø 40 mm: The classic round-tube design emphasizes the floating look of the table particularly well....

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Asisto - 9

Brief product info tables ■ Extremely easy to assemble thanks to quick-connection elements (extremely short assembly times!) Integrable technology box: The technology box that is integrable in the HPL board safely houses your power and data supply and provides extremely easy and direct access. Flap open – and all the cables and devices are quickly accessible for you. Flap closed – and the table is immediately neat and tidy. ■ Attractive design thanks to “floating table”, filigree board edges and various board types ■ Unique optional Comfort height adjustment, which can be operated easily by...

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Asisto - 10

Asisto cupboards have many outstanding characteristics that can only be offered by furniture with a steel carcass: filigree edges, doors optionally made of wood, steel or glass, flexible top-cupboard solutions, height adjustment possible from the interior – and much more. Asisto cupboards are delivered pre-assembled. Their low weight and sturdy design ensure that they are perfectly suited to being moved and relocated. Thanks to their excellent price-performance ratio, Asisto cupboards are also extremely economical. Clear lines: Whether you choose a cupboard with double doors, sliding doors...

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Asisto - 11

Top cupboards and bookcases: To ensure that no space is wasted, the Asisto cupboards and bookcases are also available as top units. The fact that they are stackable is the basis for any future modifications or extensions to your office. Brief product info cupboards Insulation of the steel doors: The steel doors always have a double-walled design. The sandwich design with an internal bee-board filling (special honeycomb material) provides incomparable stability and minimizes noise pollution without significantly increasing the weight. ■ ttractive design with filigree edge look A ■ evel...

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Asisto - 12

Practical interior fittings: There are lots of useful interior fittings for Asisto cupboards – from a set of drawers through to a filing cabinet/wardrobe model.

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Asisto - 13

Asisto tables, cupboards and pedestals are furniture that harmonise beautifully together. They feature not only a coordinated design, but also one and the same colour and material concept. This produces furniture as though from a single cast – with a wide range of possible model variants. Perfect interplay. For you, that means: regardless of whether you choose individual items from the Asisto range or would like to combine them all with each other, Asisto is always the perfect choice! Thanks to the versatility of the Asisto range, you can use it in virtually any environment – from a classic...

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Asisto - 15

Up-todate Steel, glass and HPL tables in a perfect combination.

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Asisto - 16

The classic double workstation truly comes to life with Asisto: organisational partitions, a CPU holder, cable routing, mobile and high pedestals and the space-saving sliding-door cupboards all combine to provide efficient office organisation. The modern impression, metallic surfaces and the matching colour accents offer a glimpse of endless design options that are only possible with steel furniture. You would prefer the doors to have a wood look? Or glass? That’s no problem for Asisto! Because the high-quality steel carcass is the perfect basis for various door materials such as wood...

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Asisto - 17

Well-positioned: The organisational partition allows you to use several different fastening variants for TFT monitors and many other practical accessory solutions.

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Asisto - 18

Creative Workbenches are the perfect platform for a productive exchange of ideas.

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Asisto - 20

Optimizing space and at the same time motivating the staff – is that not impossible to achieve? Not if you have Asisto. The practical tall pull-out cupboard offers privacy from the aisles and access to all important documents. It is also the ideal place for effective and short stand-up meetings. The acoustically effective wall system, by contrast, absorbs noise and permits attractive and individual layouts. Thus ensuring an optimum combination of concentration and communication, even in open plan offices.

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