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ClimateOffice - 3

Solutions for Office 4.0 C+ P Climate Office is the consistent continuation of our Noise level, air quality, room temperature, and relative corporate philosophy: People first, products second. humidity in the room are positively influenced by the use of plants, water, and acoustically effective materials. Our mission is to make work easier for people. That is why we believe everyone has the right to feel comfort- Wellbeing and motivation in the workplace are important able at their workplace. Work results improve, productivity issues not only in the office. These measures can be instru-...

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ClimateOffice - 4

Your room requirements solved professionally Climate Office is an integrated and sustainable solution for climate control, air purification, acoustics, and greening. Based on the biophilic design principle, we bring a piece of nature into the work environment by using natural elements such as water and plants to create a healthy indoor climate and to increase human wellbeing. Not only pleasant indoor air quality but also acoustics are crucial: work, meeting, and quiet zones must be divided sensibly in order to optimize sound intensity in a room and to ensure adequate speech intelligibility...

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ClimateOffice - 5

Pleasant room temperature In the new C+ P office world, the optimal open- Individual office plan office was implemented in an exemplary Room temperature measurements (July 2016) at Fraunhofer IBP. manner based on a scientific study conducted by More information: the Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics IBP. This included climate and acoustics calculations as well selection, and alignment, ventilation system design, positioning of climate water walls according to ventilation specifications, and the placement of furniture. as an analysis of the building according to size, material...

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ClimateOffice - 6

Enormous leaf surface: With a total leaf surface of approx. 6 m² (!), a 1980 x 1200 mm philodendron hedge can replace many individual potted plants.

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ClimateOffice - 8

Planting in a base: The base of the hedge element contains the special soil-based substrate where the philodendron grows and twines up the wall. Absorption or shielding: The hedge element is equipped with a sound-absorbing or sound-insulating filling – depending on the local requirements. Mobile hedge elements Our hedge elements are planted with philodendron and, measuring 1980 x 1200 mm, have a total leaf surface of approx. 6 m² ! A large number of individual potted plants can be replaced like that. One unique feature of C+ P hedge elements is the possibility of equipping the wall with...

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ClimateOffice - 9

Hedges make it easier to divide office space appropriately. They can be used to replace various furnishing elements like stand-up walls, planters, or even cabinets which are not needed for storage space but just for room partitioning. Several investments can therefore be replaced or optimized by a single one – with a positive impact on acoustics and climate. Studies conducted by the Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics IBP confirm the positive impact of greened walls and higher employee acceptance. The hedge elements are mobile and can therefore be used flexibly. They are planted on...

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ClimateOffice - 10

Syngonium pixie Philodendron scandens Ficus repens Attractive green walls When it comes to greening room walls completely, stationary green walls vertically equipped with many small plants are the ideal solution. The plants are automatically irrigated and fertilized by installed irrigation pipes at regular intervals. This requires an irrigation and fertilization control system which is centrally located near the green walls. In contrast to the hedge element, it is possible to integrate and combine many different plantings in the green wall in order to create a very impressive look....

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ClimateOffice - 11

Apart from the positive psychological impact of greening, the green walls have a sound-absorbing as well as humidifying effect. They are also suitable, e.g., for representative areas. Like the hedge elements, the green walls require daylight or an adequate substitute for daylight. Side paneling: The side panels cover the edges of the planter boxes as well as the pipes of the automatic water and fertilizer supply system. Homogeneous base look: The base cover made of microperforated steel can be used either for green or water walls and enables aesthetic combination of both versions....

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ClimateOffice - 12

Stationary water walls: With permanently installed water supply and drain. As a standard water wall or as a cooling water wall with an efficient climate control function ensured by an external cooling unit. Glass water wall: With or without cooling function: the smooth water film is an eye-catcher, a privacy shield, and an air washer at the same time. Mesh water wall: Made of stainless steel, produces a quiet trickle, thus helping to create a sound masking effect in order to reduce undesirable and disturbing speech intelligibility. Cooled and uncooled water walls A relatively small water...

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ClimateOffice - 13

or with cooling and climate control function: When equipped with the cooling function (only if the water wall is permanently installed), cooled water which is tempered by a separate cooling unit is supplied to the water wall. This enables absolutely novel, clean, energy-saving, and healthy room cooling. It eliminates or compensates all of the disadvantages of air conditioning systems or the limited capacity of cooling ceilings. The advanced concept dehumidifies and cools the ambient air without any bothersome or even noticeable air flow. In winter mode the system is operated as a normal...

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ClimateOffice - 14

Ingenious combinations Especially in open-plan offices, places of retreat are required for concentrated work or confidential phone calls. These think tanks or think spaces, however, are often uninspiring and poorly air-conditioned. Not like the C+P solutions: With integrated hedge or water elements, they ensure the right climate as well as pleasant surroundings. So it is only logical that better results can be achieved here. And the elegant glazing without framing turns the think zone into an architectural highlight. Air-conditioned individual office with integrated water wall: Only...

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