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The Concealite CB Series central battery units are designed to back up low voltage Emergency Lighting Fixtures that require an emergency remote power source. Concealite’s CBS150 Central Battery System is designed for remote lighting applications. State-of-the-art design and rugged construction are built-in to assure many years of dependable service. Available for: (find your application below) P O W E R Example of part number: 5 COLOR TEMP SPECIFICATIONS - Completely self-contained - Remote fixture capabilities - Models operate for up to four hours - Automatic brownout feature - Solid-state line-latched low voltage - Solid-state charging circuit disconnect for 100% load disconnect - Momentary test switch protection to guard against battery - AC ready light deep discharge - Fully automatic solid-state charger - Automatic battery protection (LVD) - Long-life lead-calcium maintenance free battery - Die-formed heavy 18 gauge steel cabinet - 1-1/2 hours of light to an end battery - Models for loads up to 150 watts output voltage of 87-1/2% of normal voltage - Dual 120 or 277 VAC input, field selectable WALL MOUNTING SHELF S6 Wall Mounting Shelf WIRE GUARD N None WGI Wire Guard

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battery-backup - 2

BATTERY BACKUP INSTALLATION All models mount directly to the wall by means of an optional Wall Mount Shelf. Multiple knockouts are provided for 1/2” conduit. Fused connections are provided for remote fixture wiring. OPERATION Upon failure of normal utility power, a transfer switch automatically connects the battery to DC lighting. Upon resumption of normal utility power, the DC lighting load is disconnected and the battery is recharged. The Central Battery System features a fully automatic, solid-state temperature compensating, current limiting, dual-rate battery charger, designed to...

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