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Available for: (find your application below) ■ HEALTHCARE C3’s Optillum™ LED External Field Illuminators pack the power of a 12” X 48” exam light into a 6” X 48” package with features never before seen in an exam light. Choose between five different color temperatures of light output with 0% - 100% dimming, asymmetric lens, antimicrobial powder coated finish and the option of an IP-66 sealed fixture. Like all products from C3 they use the innovative ION™ Light Engine remotely driven by the patented Helius™ Remote Power Distribution Module. These fixtures are remarkably thin, lightweight and conserve a minimum of 65% less energy than T-8 fluorescent lamps. Whether Hard Lid, T-bar or Flange mount our luminaires set new standards in healthcare lighting. C3’s "true” microprocessor controlled Dawn-to-Dusk technology (590nm-amber to 16.000K extreme blue-white) combined with 4-color wall washing, high intensity LED exam lights, etc. create a never before available system that meets the requirements for the "patient room of the future”. Example of part number: COLOR TEMP # OF LEDs    _SIZE_ MOUNTING SL 554-012-048-00-WA-2-S ■ HEALTHCARE SPECIFICATIONS HOUSING: Extruded Aluminum Housing. LENS: 1/8” White Asymetrical Acrylic Lens. ILLUMINATION: ILLUMINATION: Exam Presets, Selectable - 3,500K, 4,200K, 5,000K, or 6,000K, all with or without Green Light. ELECTRICAL: Aluminum for Class 1 power. J-Box is optional for Class 2 power. FINISH: Agion Antimicrobial White Powder Coat. WARRANTY: Refer to COLOR TEMP 006-048('92.76- watts) 006-096(184.32- watts) 024-048 (368.60- watts) (Contact factory for more size options) Ceiling Grid T-bar Integral Flange Surface Mount Integral Flange Flush Mount WS Standard White WA Antimicrobial C Custom 1 Class 1 Power** X Standard with current limiter S Sealed 2 Class 2 Power no j-box 3,500K w/ Green Light 4,200K w/ Green Light 5,000K w/ Green Light 6,000K w/ Green Light 3 Class 2 power with j-box ** Class 1 power only applies to shielded or RF/EM sensitive environments

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OPTILLUM EFI/EXAM LIGHT DIMENSIONS    MOUNTING 01 - INTEGRAL FLANGE-SURFACE MOUNT 02 - INTEGRAL FLANGE-FLUSH MOUNT ‘ \ Gypsum Ceiling Electrical (Based on 1 LED per sq inch)    Certification & Compliance Note: Does not include a DC Power Supply! LED 90K Hour Life Draw: 24VDC, 3.84A, 92.16W (6” X 48”), +/- 10% Diffuser/Lens 1/8” Translucent White PMMA Asymmetrical Acrylic Lens Accessories (Sold Seperately) Power Distribution: Helius 24VDC Remote Power Distribution Module (See Power & Controls) Controls (If Dimmable) Intertek ■ Standard for Safety for Low Voltage Lighting Systems, UL 2108...

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OPTILLUM EFI/EXAM LIGHT All results in accordance to IESNA LM-79-2008: Approved Method for the Electrical and Photometric Testing of Solid-State Lighting. FIXTURE DATA ZONAL LUMEN SUMMARY Zone All results in accordance to IESNA LM-79-2008: Approved Method for the Electrical and Photometric Testing of Solid-State Lighting. FIXTURE DATA ZONAL LUMEN SUMMARY

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